Political Science

Civic Leadership Testimonials

HEATHER COIRO (Summer 2006)
"After researching the number of traffic-related deaths in Lake County involving young people, I decided to create a committee to return Driver's Education to the curriculum in Lake County Schools.

The Civic Leadership Internship Program (CLIP) has acted as a guiding light for me as leader of the 'Driver's Education Not Teens Dead' (D.E.N.T.D.) committee whenever I need solid, unbiased advice.

Much has been gained from this experience. This internship has opened many new doors for me and taught me many things about our local government. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life."


"My experience at the Florida State Senate District 19 office gave me a well-rounded academic experience while at Valencia College.
I was honored to be able to have this experience, which greatly enhanced my academic learning. I was able to see how our state representatives work hard with the constituents they serve.

I learned first hand how persistence and hard work can make a difference, as well as earning the trust of the constituents. Overall, this experience helped to better prepare me for the many challenges in life."

ANTHONY DEAL (Spring 2005)
"I was fortunate to receive a CLIP internship and intern in the Congressional office of Representative Tom Feeney. The internship taught me the complexity of working in a District Office and the importance of Congressional staff members as it relates to the many constituent issues they deal with on a daily basis.

I recommend to anyone interested in helping his or her community to find a public leader who has the same ideology and then enroll in the Civic Leadership program at VCC.

It is not mandatory to be a Political Science major to benefit from such an opportunity. You only need to have the desire to make a difference for the future."

JARED HESS (Fall 2004)
"I secured an internship through the Democratic National Committee and served as a CLIP intern in the Central Florida region. I was able to have Secret Service clearance because of my Civic Leadership intern status. It also allowed me to help and coordinate Central Florida visits by Presidential candidate John Kerry and Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards. I was even allowed to attend meetings with both men.

The CLIP internship gave me a unique insight on how presidential campaigns are run. I learned valuable information on what campaign practices worked and which ones didn't. I was also able to experience all aspects of the campaign, including spending time with members of Kerry's family and seeing first hand how campaigns can impact the candidate and the candidate's family on a personal level."