Educator Preparation Institute (EPI)


Certificate of Completion

The Educator Preparation Institute (EPI) provides a competency-based program that offers the individual with a bachelor's degree in a discipline other than education the preparation to become a classroom teacher. Participants who demonstrate mastery of the twelve Florida Educator Accomplished Practices and present passing scores on all required sections of the Florida Teacher Certification Exams will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. The program components designated by an EPI prefix provide institutional credit, are not transferable to a state university, and do not count toward any degree. Program acceptance is required for participation in the EPI.

Please contact Ellen Costello, Manager 407.582.5473 or Nathan Short, Records Specialist, 407-582.1273 for questions.

The Instructional Process (Module I - 160 Hours):

These four courses must be completed first.

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
EPI 0001 Classroom Management 3
EPI 0002 Instructional Strategies 3
EPI 0003 Technology 3
EPI 0004 The Teaching and Learning Process 3

Reading Fundamental (Module II - 45 hours):

This course can be taken any time after the Instructional Process Module.

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
EPI 0010 Foundations of Research-Based Practices in Reading 3


Profession Foundations (Module III - 45 hours):

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
EPI 0020 Professional Foundations 2

Diversity in the Classroom (Module IV - 45 hours):

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
EPI 0030 Diversity 2

Field Experience Course (Module V):

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
EPI0950 Field Experience 4


23 total credit hours
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