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Service Learning Across the Curriculum

Incorporate service learning in any course to enhance student learning and make a difference in the community.

  LCTS 3213- Course Description    
  Participants in this mixed mode course will create a plan to infuse service learning into a current course by linking course outcomes to meaningful service in the community. Participants will explore service learning opportunities and create assessment plans to measure student learning. Participants will earn 20 PD hours. NOTE: This is an elective course in the Seneff Certification program.    
  Participant Outcomes    
  • Select a course outcome that can be met through service learning.
  • Design service learning activities to meet the course outcome.
  • Design reflection activities that help students think critically and learn course content deeply.
  • Design assessment to evaluate student learning.
  How It Works    

This is a mixed mode course which will involve two face-to-face workshops in addition to online activities.

Workshop 1
A three hour session will introduce the fundamentals of service learning and the framework for incorporating service learning into the classroom. Participants will develop the initial plan for their service learning project.

Workshop 2
A two hour session will focus on reflection and assessment of the service learning project. There will be time to share projects for peer feedback. Participants will develop the initial plan for reflection and assessment.

Online Activities
Participants will complete the plan for their service learning project, reflection and assessment and post it in the online Canvas course for peer feedback and discussion.


What is Service Learning Recognition?

Faculty who integrate Service Learning into their courses can have the course designated as a “Service Learning Integrated Course.” Students who take this course can then earn credit toward the Service Learning Recognition. To learn more, visit the Service Learning webpage.

  For More Information on Service Learning    
  For questions about the program, please contact Christie Miller at cmiller142@valenciacollege.edu or call 407-582-4092.    
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