Quality Matters

Peer Course Review Process


Once an application is submitted, the following steps will be taken:

  1. It will be confirmed that the course, common course outline and the faculty member meet the requirements (see below) for a Valencia Quality Matters Peer Course Review.
  2. Courses/ faculty members meeting the requirements are placed on a schedule according to the Associate Director or QM Coordinator with consent from the faculty member.
  3. The QM Coordinator will assign and confirm a review team of 3 Valencia faculty members who have completed QM training.
  4. The assigned Review Team Chair will lead the review process, which typically takes about 2-3 weeks to complete, and will submit a Final Review Report, when completed, to the faculty member and the QM Coordinator.
  5. If the course does not meet QM expectations upon the initial review and the faculty member chooses to have the course re-reviewed, support will be provided to the faculty member to implement revisions. The support will be determined upon faculty requests, revisions suggested by the review team, and in consultation with the QM Coordinator or Associate Director. All course revisions should be completed within 3 months of the review end date.
  6. After course revisions are completed by the faculty member, a re-review by only the Team Chair will take place. The Team Chair will review the course according to those standards not originally met upon the initial review and confirm if course meets QM review standards.
  7. Upon successful completion of the QM review, the faculty member will be notified.



  • Complete the ASMT 3232 - Quality Matters: Peer Reviewer Training course and any recent QM refresher training courses (click here to see upcoming QM courses). Valencia faculty members are designated trained Quality Matters Peer Reviewers by completing all of these courses.
  • Have taught the course in an online or mixed mode (hybrid) format for at least two terms (at the time the course is reviewed).
  • The course must be completely online or a mixed mode (hybrid) course.
  • The course must be designed according to current and approved College Course Outcomes. The Common Course Outline should be completed and approved per college policy prior to application.
  • Please note that priority will be given to faculty members who have achieved the designation of Digital Professor.



1. Is My Course Ready For Review?

Use the Preparing for a QM Peer Review Checklist to ensure the course is ready to be reviewed

2. What kind of course access does the review team need?

The review team will be reviewing the course from the student perspective so they will be provided student-level access. The review team will be given access to the course in a "development space" (this contains all course content but has no enrolled students or student work in it).

3. What is my role in the review as the faculty member/instructor?

As the faculty member/instructor I agree to do the following:

  • Provide access to the course and its associated materials to selected peer reviewers (this includes access to any publisher materials or outside websites).
  • Complete the Instructor Worksheet located on the QM website to provide information to the review team.
  • Participate in the pre-review discussion to discuss the instructor worksheet, ensure all members have access to the course, and answer any questions from team members before the review begins.
  • Communicate with the review team as needed regarding the course in review.
  • At the time of the final report, discuss/communicate with the QM Coordinator regarding whether or not you choose to proceed with course revisions, re-review of the course, and to discuss any desired optional support resources.
  • For re-review- Complete the Course Amendment Form on the QM website to provide information to the team chair about the revisions made, and communicate with the team chair as needed regarding the course in review. All re-reviews must be completed within three months of the original review date.



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Associate Director for Online Teaching and Learning
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