Year-1 ILP Review Panel Meeting


This presentation will help you understand the criteria used to assess an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). Panel members need to understand the directions candidates receive for developing their ILPs.   In each section, you will read the directions candidates receive and the criteria statements from the Year-1 Report Form.

In addition to the written ILP, candidates are required to discuss their understanding of the Essential Competencies of a Valencia Educator and answer questions about their FLOs, philosophy, and Context.   Panels should follow the agenda provided by the TLA.   The candidate provides only the written ILP; no other portfolio artifacts are required at this time. The majority of the ILP the panel will review and provide comments or recommendations for improvements.   Only the FLO statements and the candidate's understanding of the Essential Competencies are assessed for achievement level.

Year-1 Review: The Individualized Learning Plan At-A-Glance

Candidate Explains

Panelists Verify (yes or no) and offer suggestions

Panelists Assess

Effective Written Reports

Report Schedule