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Awards Offered

Fallero offers cash prizes in each of the following categories:

  • Poetry
  • Fiction/Creative Non-Fiction
  • Scholarly Essays
  • Photography/Fine Art
  • Digital Media (short films, music videos, etc.)

Each Fall and Spring, awards will be given for 1st ($75), 2nd ($50), & 3rd ($35) places in each category.

Spring, 2016 Winners

Academic Essays

1st Place: Caitlin Mason

2nd Place: Angel Guzman

3rd Place: Edward Lavandier


1st Place: Caitlin Mason

2nd Place: Teddy Duncan

3rd Place: Cynthia Trippe

Fiction/Creative Non-Fiction

1st Place: Kim Marquard

2nd Place: Anne Nguyen

3rd Place: Kayla Davis

Digital Media

1st Place: Jose Herrera

2nd Place: Greg Valentin

3rd Place: Francisco Cruz


Fall, 2015 Winners


Academic Essays

1st Place: Vanesa Rivoda

2nd Place: MaKenna Wyatt

3rd Place: J.P. Holcomb


1st Place: Marina Collier

2nd Place: Karla Yepes

3rd Place: Faseem Ali

Fiction/Creative Non-Fiction

1st Place: Sascha Davila

2nd Place: Chris Cutilar

3rd Place: Salwa Marzan


1st Place: Astria Hollingsworth

2nd Place: Kayla Greaux

3rd Place: Maximilian Salazar

Digital Media

1st Place: Amanda Coker

2nd Place: Laura Ballester

3rd Place: Jean-Pierre Castrillon


Spring, 2015 Winners

Academic Essays

1st Place: Paul Hunt

2nd Place: Elizabeth Binkley

3rd Place: Daniel Meta


1st Place: Jessica kavelic-Miller

2nd Place: Loreyn Annabell Workman

3rd Place: Pricilla Orta

Fiction/Creative Non-Fiction

1st Place: Robert Muraski

2nd Place: Jessica Kavelic-Miller

3rd Place: Christopher Cutillar


1st Place: Seetara Matai

2nd Place: Barbara Litman

3rd Place: Charles Andrew

Digital Media

1st Place: Capri Fedler

2nd Place: Patricia Alfaro

3rd Place: Katrina Figueroa



Fallero Fall, 2014 Winners!


Academic Essays

1st Place: Paulette Cedano

2nd Place: Turner Flynn

3rd Place: Mason Hilado


1st Place: Nora Quinn

2nd Place: Jessica Unkel

3rd Place: Alicia Stinnett

Art & Photography

1st Place: Hilary Dunkley

2nd Place: Randy Smith

3rd Place: Melissa Simon

Fiction & Creative Non-Fiction

1st Place: Nora Quinn

2nd Place: Brooke Dennis

3rd Place: Ed Lamoso



Spring, 2014 Issue Winners!

We'd like to congratulate the following students for having their work chosen as winners in each of Fallero's categories and recipients of cash awards from Student Development. Our Spring issue is currently in production and will be published as soon as possible. All paperwork for the Fall, 2013 and Spring, 2014 awards has been submitted and is being processed. .Awards will be mailed directly to winners' official addresses on record with the College.


  • 1st Place: Kaley Craig
  • 2nd Place: Estefania Gropusso
  • 3rd Place: Luis de Pena


  • 1st Place: Josh Corson
  • 2nd Place: Garrett Ivan Colon
  • 3rd Place: Stephanie Lewis

Scholarly Essays:

  • 1st Place: Ethan Duke
  • 2nd Place: Kiomarie Mendez
  • 3rd Place: Francisco Portillo

Photography/Fine Art:

  • 1st Place: William Conine
  • 2nd Place: Robert Goldman
  • 3rd Place: Maximiliano Salazar

Short Film:

  • 1st Place: Zachary Bagnell
  • 2nd Place: Douglass Hoover
  • 3rd Place: Gabriel Dorta