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This Scholarship Bulletin Board offers students a variety of scholarship opportunities from Valencia Foundation, Valencia Alumni, private scholarship donors, FREE scholarship search links and other great scholarship information. Please feel free to check this board frequently as new scholarships are always added.

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Current Private Scholarships (Non-Valencia Foundation Donors)

What is a Private Scholarship? A private scholarship is scholarship that is not offered through Valencia College, Valencia Foundation or Valencia Alumni. Private donors send scholarship offers from their companies and businesses for any students who meet their criteria to apply for. Private scholarship offers are added regularly so check back often!

PRIVATE SCHOLARSHIP DONORS: If you are a private/outside scholarship donor and would like to have your scholarship offer shared with Valencia College students please email your information to Susan Ambridge.

STUDENTS: Private scholarships are not affiliated with Valencia College or Valencia Foundation. These are other private resources that you may be eligible for. Students should never pay to apply for a scholarship. Avoid scholarship guarantees.  Never provide any personal information to apply for a scholarship (bank account information, credit card numbers, etc.). Students may visit to learn how to avoid scholarship scams and other free scholarship information.

ScholarshipAmountDeadline Scholarship$1,000 9/30/2018
Deserve Scholarship for International Students$5,000 9/30/2018
Business Leaders Scholarship$1,500 10/1/2018
Garcia, Artigliere & Medby Scholarship$1,000 10/1/2018
Modern Castle Scholarship$1,000 10/1/2018
WFD Clean Water for All Scholarship$1,000 10/1/2018
Noodle Pro GRE Scholarship$500 10/1/2018
Price it Here Scholarship$1,000 10/1/2018
Men's Wedding Band Scholarship$500 10/2/2018
Skinner Law Firm Scholarship$1,000 10/5/2018
Responsify Empowering Others Scholarship $1,000 10/5/2018
Video Contest for Students Who Enjoy WritingUp to $1,00010/7/2018
Applicature Scholarship Program$5,000 10/10/2018
Gear Up Your Future Scholarship Up to $3,00010/15/2018
Stocks Fetcher Annual Scholarship $1,000 10/15/2018
Title Loans Express Scholarship$1,000 10/15/2018
Yount Entrepreneur Scholarship$1,000 10/15/2018
Extreme Terrain Scholarship$3,000 10/15/2018
Scholarship for Legal Studies$1,000 10/15/2018 Scholarship$1,000 10/30/2018
Male Groomings Advancement Scholarship$2,000 10/31/2018
Villa Escape Scholarship$500 10/31/2018
TheConsumerBasket Internet Marketing Scholarship$1,000 10/31/2018
Startupwhlae Scholarship$750 10/31/2018
Getbabystrollers Internet Marketing Scholarship$1,000 10/31/2018
AceableAgent Higher Education Scholarship$1,000 10/31/2018
Shutterfly Scholarship$4,000 10/31/2018
Apartment Guide Scholarship$2,500 10/31/2018
12M Loans Scholarship$500 10/31/2018
Orange Security – Security Camera System ScholarshipUp to $50010/31/2018
Pruvi Scholarship$2,000 10/31/2018
Business Plan Scholarship for Students with Disabilities$1,000 11/1/2018
HealthDiseases.Org Scholarship $1,500 11/1/2018
AffiliateBay Scholarship$1,000 11/1/2018
Build U Scholarship USA$2,500 11/1/2018
Well Kept Wallet ScholarshipUp to $1,00011/2/2018
Corporate Responsibility & Brand Values Scholarship$1,000 11/9/2018
Cash Auto Salvage Scholarship$2,500 11/15/2018
Danley's Garages Scholarship$1,000 11/15/2018
Leesa Social Impact Mentorship Scholarship$10,000 11/15/2018
AWS Educate Scholarship$3,000 11/15/2018
Kloojj Scholarship$500 11/15/2018
Rentkidz Scholarship$1,000 11/15/2018
Vitagene Scholarship$500 11/15/2018
Jungle Scout Scholar$2,000 11/15/2018
RewardExpert Financial Wellness Scholarship$1,000 11/15/2018
Geneva Rock Scholarship$2,000 11/15/2018
Dr. Ghozland Scholarship $1,000 11/16/2018
Tenovox Scholarship$2,500 11/16/2018
Pro Skills Basketball Scholarship$1,500 11/16/2018
Inner Peace Scholarship$1,500 11/20/2018
Best Drone for Kids Scholarship$1,000 11/30/2018 Scholarship$1,500 11/30/2018
FRP Bypass APK Internet Marketing Scholarship $1,500 11/30/2018
ServiceScape Scholarship $1,000 11/30/2018
TattoosBoyGirl Scholarship $1,000 11/30/2018
Sixt Scholars Program$5,000 11/30/2018
Internet of Things (IoT) Scholarship$500 11/30/2018
Patrick Dwyer College Scholarship$1,000 11/30/2018
RunRepeat Athletic Leadership Scholarship$2,000 11/30/18
Jaxfoodcritic Essay Scholarship$3,000 12/1/2018
Cochran Firm Jr. Memorial Scholarship Program $1,000 12/1/2018
Yee Law Group Business and Community Scholarship $1,000 12/1/2018
Visual Arts Scholarship$1,000 12/1/2018
Cohen & Cohen, P.C. Civil Justice Scholarship $1,000 12/1/2018
Scroggins Family Law Scholarship $1,000 12/1/2018
Fireart.Studio Scholarship $1,000 12/1/2018
Arcadier, Biggie & Wood PLLC Civil Discourse Scholarship$1,000 12/1/2018
Gaming Laptop Finder Scholarship$500 12/1/2018
SecureCare 65 Scholarship$2,000 12/1/2018
Peachtree Financial Solutions Scholarship$2,000 12/1/2018
Nadia Von Magdenko & Associates Scholarship$500 12/1/2018
Remote DBA Experts to Students Scholarship$1,000 12/1/2018
Best Baby Essentials Scholarship $1,000 12/1/2018
Ben Carrasco Scholarship$1,000 12/3/2018
Drill Press Scholarship $500 12/5/2018
CC Hardware Scholarship$1,000 12/5/2018
Digital Media Scholarship$1,500 12/7/2018
Tarlton & Polk Justice Seekers Scholarship $1,000 12/10/2018
Justice Seekers Scholarship$1,000 12/10/2018
ALLOVERTOP Scholarship Program$2,000 12/11/2018
Mettl's Scholarship for Emerging Leaders$2,000 12/14/2018
Swopsmart Scholarship$2,000 12/14/2018
Mettl's Scholarship for Emerging Leaders$2,000 12/14/2018
Tropical Andamans Travel Scholarship$1,000 12/15/2018
Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick's Child of an American Veteran Scholarship $1,500 12/15/2018
$1,500Law SchoolScholarship for Veterans150012/15/2018
AMZ Expert Amazon Student Scholarship$1,000 12/15/2018
PortableObserver Internet Marketing Scholarship$1,000 12/15/2018
Newsome Melton Student Leadership Scholarship$1,500 12/15/2018
Medical Malpractice Help Community Scholarship$1,500 12/15/2018
Medical Malpractice Help Community Service Scholarship$1,500 12/15/2018
Newsome Melton Student Leadership Scholarship$1,500 12/15/2018
INTO THE AM Gaming Industry Scholarship$1,000 12/15/2018
CGK Business Sales Scholarship$500 12/15/2018
Mark T Hurt: Helping People in Need Scholarship$1,000 12/15/2018
PSR: Rise Above Scholarship$1,000 12/15/2018
Kamper Estrada Helping Families Scholarship$1,000 12/15/2018
Civil Excellence Scholrship$1,000 12/15/2018
AMZ-Expert Amazon Scholarship$1,000 12/15/2018
Klenk Law Scholarship$1,000 12/15/2018
Martinwren Community Justice Scholarship$1,000 12/15/2018
Johnston & Martineau for Safer Streets Scholarship$1,000 12/15/2018
Hickey & Turim Scholarship$1,000 12/15/2018
Okun, Oddo & Babat Scholarship$1,000 12/15/2018
Ward & Ward Civil Service Scholarship$1,000 12/15/2018
Dr. Robin Unger Medical Impact Scholarship$1,000 12/15/2018
Golf Black Friday Scholarship$1,500 12/15/2018
Murse World Scholarship$1,000 12/15/2018
INTO THE AM Gaming Scholarship$1,000 12/15/2018
Lark Health Scholarship$3,500 12/17/2018
Goldman McCormick PR Scholarship$500 12/17/2018
MDsyncNET "Future of Healthcare Communications" Video ScholarshipUp to $1,00012/20/2018
Greco Neyland Scholarship $1,000 12/20/2018
Mr Marketing Scholarship$1,000 12/20/2018
Innovation in Education Scholarship$500 12/20/2018
Pick Gears Reward Scholarship$2,500 12/21/2018
Cohen & Cohen, P.C. Auto Safety Scholarship$1,000 12/22/2018
National Debt Relief Scholarship$1,000 12/23/2018
PaperHelp ScholarshipUp to $50012/24/2018
Paper Help Essay Writing ScholarshipUp to $5,00012/24/2018
Self Developing Scholarship$1,500 12/27/2018
The Best Gaming Monitor Internet Marketing Scholarship$1,000 12/28/2018
Find Best Grill Internet Marketing Scholarship$1,000 12/28/2018
ProWeb 365 Scholarship$1,000 12/28/2018
Car Seat Safety Scholarship$3,500 12/28/2018
HomeGenerosity Internet Marketing Scholarship$1,000 12/28/2018
Rise of Sigma Scholarship$3,500 12/30/2018 Scholarship $1,000 12/30/2018 Scholarship$1,000 12/30/2018
Ask Preeto Internet Marketing Scholarship$1,000 12/30/2018
Law Office of Darwin F Johnson Scholar$500 12/30/2018
AudioReputation Scholarship$1,000 12/30/2018
Savvy Shoppers Scholarship$1,000 12/31/2018
Kalu Yala Scholarship$1,000 12/31/2018
JSA Digital Marketing Scholarship Program$1,000 12/31/2018
OppU Achievers Scholarship$2,500 12/31/2018
Upgraded Points Student Scholarship$1,000 12/31/2018
Best Axes Guide Scholarship $3,500 12/31/2018
Aspiring Healthcare Professional Scholarship$250 12/31/2018
Jacoby & Meyers Scholarship Competition$2,000 12/31/2018 Research Leadership ScholarshipUp to $3,00012/31/2018
Vape Craft Inc Scholarship$4,000 12/31/2018
Bestpicko Health & Productivity Scholarship$500 12/31/2018
LED Lighting Scholarship$1,000 12/31/2018
Network Court Reporting and Video Scholarship$500 12/31/2018
4GoodHosting Annual Scholarship$500 12/31/2018
IntelligenceBank Marketing Scholarship for Women$500 12/31/2018
Internet Marketing Scholarship$1,000 12/31/2018 Scholarship$1,000 12/31/2018
Motor Era Scholarship$500 12/31/2018
PhentermineClinics Health Scholarship$1,000 12/31/2018
Automotive Stuff Scholarship$500 12/31/2018
Thrifty Momma Ramblings College Scholarship$500 12/31/2018
My Relationships Center Scholarship$500 12/31/2018
JJ Bender Scholarship$2,500 12/31/2018
Smart Locks Guide Scholarship$1,000 12/31/2018
Grow the Game Scholarship$500 12/31/2018 Scholarship$500 12/31/2018
RN to BSN Scholarship$2,500 12/31/2018
CuraDebt Scholarship$500 12/31/2018
A Place for Mom Scholarship$1,000 12/31/2018
Resume Writing Lab Scholarship$500 12/31/2018
Chummie Bedwetting Alarms Scholarship$1,200 12/31/2018
Personal Money Service Veteran’s Scholarship$1,000 12/31/2018
David & Philpot: Dedication for Excellence while Helping Others Scholarship$1,000 12/31/2018
LayerBag Scholarship Program$1,000 12/31/2018
Vocational Training HQ’s Scholarship$1,000 12/31/2018
Photography Talk Scholarship$1,000 1/15/2019
Helpers & Healers Scholarship$1,000 1/15/2019
Julie Johnson Law Scholarship$500 1/15/2019
SeniorAdvice Caregiver Scholarship$2,000 1/15/2019
Meldon Law Scholarship$1,000 1/20/2019
Studio11hairsalon Scholarship$4,000 1/25/2019
Law Office of Kenneth Carp$1,000 1/31/2019
I Have a Dream Scholarship$1,500 1/31/2019
Iflexion Scholarship$1,000 1/31/2019
Imagine Scholarship$5,000 1/31/2019
American Sign Letters Scholarship$1,000 1/31/2019 Scholarship$1,000 2/1/2019
InsureSTAT Scholarship $1,000 2/12/2019
Butler Tobin’s 2019 Scholarship$1,000 2/19/2019
Tools Freak Scholarship$1,000 2/20/2019
LadyLife Scholarship$1,000 2/28/2019
New E-Commerce Scholarship$1,500 2/28/2019 Scholarship$1,000 2/28/2019
Jittery Monks Scholarship$1,500 3/1/2019
Greater Than Gatsby Annual Scholarship $10,000 3/1/2019
Supplement Critique Scholarship$1,500 3/1/2019
Dinarys Scholarship$1,000 3/1/2019 Scholarship$500 3/1/2019
Dinarys Scholarship Program$1,000 3/1/2019
DevTeam.Space STEM Scholarship$1,000 3/1/2019
Frugal Family Fun Scholarship$4,100 3/15/2019
Go Clean Scholarship $3,500 3/19/2019
BTT Scholarship Program$5,000 3/25/2019
Trolling Battery Scholarship$1,000 3/25/2019
Bright Future Scholarship$1,000 3/25/2019
SDL Achievers Scholarship$500 3/28/2019
Krist Law Firm, P.C. National Scholarship $10,000 3/31/2019 Scholarship $5,000 3/31/2019
Kisling, Nestico & Redick Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship $5,000 3/31/2019
Swing of Things Scholarship$500 3/31/2019
CalTrend Scholarship$1,000 3/31/2019 Scholarship$500 3/31/2019
Federico and Staton, P.A$5,000 4/1/2019
Zumper Apartments Scholarship$1,000 4/1/2019
MakeBe Cool Scholarship$1,000 4/2/2019
Mythology Scholarship $1,000 4/15/2019
HomeLight Scholarship$1,000 4/15/2019
PDAD Scholarship$500 4/30/2019
Headline Tickets Scholarship$1,000 5/1/2019
eWebify Scholarship$500 5/1/2019
Smart Cleaning Solutions Scholarship$500 5/1/2019
Aromatech Scholarship$500 5/1/2019
Law Offices of Randolph Rice Scholarship$1,500 5/1/2019
Insurance Guide Local Scholarship$500 5/15/2019
Worgul, Sarna & Ness, Criminal Defense Attorneys, LLC Scholarship$5,000 5/31/2019
exIT Technologies Scholarship$500 5/31/2019
Zebra Show Off Your Stripes Scholarship$1,000 5/31/2019
TEC Award for Academic WritingUp to $5005/31/2019 Scholarship$1,000 5/31/2019
Peck Law Firm Scholarship$2,000 5/31/2019
Hypez Scholarship$500 5/31/2019
Fortis Construction Scholarship$1,000 6/1/2019
SiteReportCard College Scholarship$500 6/1/2019
Truck Accident Injury Scholarship$500 6/1/2019
Crown Turf Green Homes Scholarship$1,000 6/1/2019
Alarm Systems Calgary Scholarship$500 6/15/2019
Berkey Water Filter Systems Scholarship $500 6/15/2019
Dapper Goat Scholarship$500 6/15/2019
Simmrin Law Group Entrepreneurial Scholarship$1,500 6/15/2019
Dealhack Volunteer Scholarship$1,500 6/30/2019
Erie Construction Scholarship$1,000 6/30/2019
Chairish ‘Design Your Future’ Scholarship$2,500 6/30/2019
Pinnacle Peak Recovery Scholarship $500 6/30/2019
The Cover Guy Scholarship$500 7/1/2019
SoftinventiveLab Scholarship$1,000 7/1/2019
K9Sport Sack Scholarship $500 7/8/2019
John Foy & Associates Strong Arm Leukemia Scholarship$1,000 7/15/2019
OnBlastBlog College Scholarship $500 7/31/2019
Fairfax Kitchen Bath Scholarship$500 8/1/2019 Scholarship$1,000 8/1/2019
Law Offices of Joel J. Kofsky Infographic Scholarship $1,500 8/1/2019
Texas Premier Locksmith Scholarship$500 8/13/2019
G2 Crowd Entrepreneurial Scholarship$5,000 8/16/2019
WeightBenchGuide Exercise & Fitness Scholarship$1,000 8/31/2019
Officeideas Internet Marketing Scholarship$1,000 11/1/2019
Community Leadership Scholarship$1,000 12/1/2019
Saturncube Technologies Scholarship$1,000 12/1/2019
Adams Legal Group, PLLC Scholarship$1,000 12/15/2019 Follow Your Dreams Scholarship$1,000 12/21/2019



Valencia Foundation Scholarships

The 2018-19 Valencia Foundation Scholarship application is now open. Students who will attend in the fall and/or spring terms should complete your application NOW!

Valencia Foundation Scholarship Application

Helpful Hints on Applying for a Valencia Foundation Scholarship

  • Students must only use their Valencia Student ID number as their username and their Atlas email address on the application.
  • Most scholarships offered through the Valencia Foundation require a student to demonstrate need by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Don't let the fact that you may not qualify for financial aid stop you from applying for a FAFSA or the chance to be matched to a Valencia Foundation scholarship donor. We use the FAFSA to verify financial need and not all scholarship decisions are based on the FAFSA.
  • Recommendations and a high GPA are very helpful, but not all scholarships require them. Please complete a 2018-2019 Valencia Foundation Scholarship Application so we can see if you are eligible for any of the hundreds of scholarships still available.
  • For questions on completing your Valencia Foundation scholarship application, please contact or Elvin Cruz-Vargas

Need Help Applying For a Valencia Foundation Scholarship?

What is a First Generation College Student?

Students who are the first in their families to attend an institution of higher education, including vocational or technical school.

Need Help Writing a Scholarship Thank You Letter ?

Please feel free to view the following Quick Tip Guide to writing an exceptional thank you letter to our donors. Please note that we do accept thank you greeting cards in addition to your original letter. Thank You Letters should include the following: What your program of studies are at Valencia, what your future educational goals are after Valencia and what your future goals are after your education is complete.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact 

Valencia Foundation Student Feature Opportunity

The Valencia Foundation, in partnership with our generous donors, offer and award scholarship funding throughout the academic year. If you are a 2017-18 Valencia Foundation scholarship recipient, we would love to hear from you! Please email your story to for a chance to be featured on our Blog, Facebook and Twitter sites!

Please feel free to share the following in your email submission:

  • What has been your proudest achievement so far?
  • What do you want to get out of your college experience?
  • How did you become interested in your major?
  • What have you learned about yourself as you've been a student at Valencia?
  • What are your educational/academic goals? What are your future career plans?
  • How do you plan to use your studies to achieve your future career plans?
  • What do you envision yourself doing in 10 years?
  • What will you do with your degree in the long run?
  • Why will this scholarship help you in your career goals?
  • What is your fondest volunteer experience?
  • What scholarship did you receive?
  • What would you like to say to the donor who awarded you their scholarship?
  • Photographs from volunteer, community service or classroom settings.

We look forward to sharing your inspiring stories!

Valencia Alumni Association Scholarships and Awards Programs



  • Valencia Foundation administers scholarships and award programs sponsored by the Alumni Association that benefit students attending Valencia College. These scholarships are for CURRENT Valencia College students only.
  • Learn more about the various Alumni Association Scholarships
  • If you have questions regarding Alumni Association Scholarships for students, please contact Elvin Cruz-Vargas, Scholarships & Special Projects Coordinator at


FREE Scholarship Search Engines and Resources

Start your Search Now With FREE Scholarship Search Sites. Good Luck!

STUDENTS: Private scholarships are not affiliated with Valencia College or Valencia Foundation. These are other private resources that you may be eligible for. Students should never pay to apply for a scholarship. Avoid scholarship guarantees.  Never provide any personal information to apply for a scholarship (bank account information, credit card numbers, etc.). Students may visit to learn how to avoid scholarship scams and other free scholarship information.