Seneff Honors College

Honors Advisory Board

The Honors Advisory Board is composed of Valencia faculty, staff members, and representatives from the Honors Student Advisory Committee. The board meets at least once each semester to make policy decisions and recommendations concerning the program.

2017 - 18 Membership:

Dr. Nicholas Bekas Dean of Academic Affairs, West Campus
Dr. Karen Borglum Assistant Vice President, Curriculum & Assessment
B. Clyburn Honors Program Assistant
Kera Coyer Honors Program Advisor
Dr. Susan Dunn Manager, Credit Programs, Winter Park
Michelle Foster Dean of Academic Affairs, East Campus
Hannah Hosler Program  Advisor, Winter Park Campus
Dr. Shara Lee Campus Director, Faculty and Instructional Development
Jane Maguire Honors Coordinator, East Campus
Dr. Melissa Pedone Dean of Mathematics and Science, Osceola Campus
Dr. Cheryl Robinson Honors Director
Dr. Marcia Roman Counselor, Osceola Campus
Dr. Travis Rodgers Coordinator, Interdisciplinary Studies Program, West Campus
Ylliany Santana Honors Student Advisory Committee President
Dr. Jill Szentmiklosi Dean of Students, Osceola Campus
Travis Taylor Academic Advisor, West Campus
Jennifer Washick Academic Advisor, East Campus