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Hot Classes - Fall 2017

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LAT 1120 12776Elementary Latin IM   W        0200P - 0340PJennifer TaylorEC-006-217A
SLS 2940 17000Service Learning      R      0230P - 0345PNicole ValentinoEC-003-

Currently No Hot Classes for this Campus

CJE 2062 17326Peace, Conflict and the Police             - STAFF -

Currently No Hot Classes for this Campus

AFA 2000 16459Intro African-American Exp  T   R      1000A - 1115ACarmen Laguer DiazWC-011-348
CLP 1001 12811Psychology of Adjustment  T   R      1000A - 1115ANancy RizzoWC-003-213
ENC 1101 17560Freshman Comp IM   W        1000A - 1115AStacey DiLibertoWC-HSB-221
HLP 2550C 14860Concepts of Personal Training  T   R      1130A - 1245PPam HodgesWC-007-231
HSC 1400C 15512First Aid/CPRM            0400P - 0645PColleen RyanWC-011-340
IDH 2120 10148IDH in General Ed III Honors  T   R      0830A - 1115AAdrienne MathewsWC-HSB-221
IDH 2120 17564IDH in General Ed III             - STAFF -
PEM 1121C 17346YogaM   W        0830A - 0920AMary BergWC-HSB-123
PEM 1121C 17350YogaM   W        1000A - 1050AMary BergWC-HSB-123
PEM 1131C 17356Weight Training I             - Ronald Owens -
PEM 1131C 14863Weight Training I             - Ronald OwensWC-HSB-124
PEM 1171 17352Belly Dance Aerobics  T   R      1000A - 1050AMelanie LaJoieWC-HSB-123
PEM 1405 11576Self Defense For Women    W        0700P - 0845PCalvin ThomasWC-HSB-123
PEM 2104C 17516Personal Fitness and Wellness  T   R      1000A - 1115ARonald OwensWC-001-239
PEM 2104C 17517Personal Fitness and WellnessM   W        1000A - 1115ARonald OwensWC-007-233
PEM 2104C 17522Personal Fitness and Wellness  T   R      0800A - 1000ARonald Owens -
PEM 2163C 15895Zumba Fitness  T   R      0530P - 0620PLorie BellotWC-HSB-123
PET 2622C 15547Care/Prev of Athletic InjuriesM            0700P - 0945PColleen RyanWC-011-340
PHI 2010 17558PhilosophyM   W        0830A - 0945ATravis RodgersWC-HSB-221
PSY 2930 15556Cognitive Psychology  T   R      1000A - 1115AMelonie SextonWC-011-350
SOP 2772 10503Human Sexuality  T   R      1130A - 1245PNancy RizzoWC-003-213
WOH 2003 15255A History of Genocide  T   R      0100P - 0215PAlyce MillerWC-011-217

ENC 1101 13640Freshman Comp IM   W        0100P - 0215PJean Marie FuhrmanWP-001-114
HUM 2310 17148Mythology  T   R      0830A - 0945APaul ChapmanWP-001-242
SLS 1122 17374New Student Experience  T          0700P - 0815PAaron BergesonWP-001-108
SPC 1017 15575Interpersonal Communication      R      1130A - 1245PSuzette AshtonWP-001-115

Online Courses have no face to face sessions with the faculty member.

ARH 1000 14769Art AppreciationSheila LeviONLINE
INP 1301 11787Psychology In Bus-IndustryStephanie GrimesONLINE
MTB 1103 14983Business MathematicsMarva PryorONLINE