Awards and Recognition

Organizational Development & Human Resources

The John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Awards Recipients

Year First Name Last Name Department
2016 Donna Colwell English
2016 Jolene Rhodes Mathematics,
2016 Jackie Starren Humanities
2016 Ilyse Kusnetz English
2016 Karen Cowden College Reading Prep
2016 Suzette Dohany Speech
2016 Michael Robbins English
2016 Lisa Gray Business
Year First Name Last Name Department
2015 Charles Davis Dean of Students Office
2015 Kathleen Marquis Student Activity
2015 Julie Phelps Mathematics,
2015 Stanton Reed Business
2015 Suzanne Salapa Dance
2015 Leila Sisson Mathematics,
2015 Diane Vargas Mathematics,
Year First Name Last Name Department
2014 Lisa Sward Biology
2014 Maryke Lee Mathematics,
2014 James May English
2014 Theresa Koehler Mathematics,
2014 Javier Charriez Learning Center
2014 Jonathan Hernandez Student Services
2014 Deidre Holmes DuBois Speech
2014 Paul Chapman Humanities
2014 Roberta Carew Mathematics
2014 Adrian Manley Dean of Students Office
2014 George Rausch Network Engineering Tech
2014 Wael Yousif CNetwork Engineering Tech
Year First Name Last Name Department
2013 Chris Borglum English
2013 Ralph Clemente Film Production Tech
2013 Carl  Creasman History
2013 Jody  DeVoe Mathematics
2013 Rob McCaffrey Graphics Technology
2013 Ilia Cordero Financial Aid Office
2013 Betty Fenner Humanities
2013 Al Groccia Mathematics
2013 Brian Macon Mathematics
2013 Larry Herndon Student Life Skills
2013 Lisa Macon Engineering & IT Office
2013 Gustavo Morales Earth Science 
2013 Robin Simmons English



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