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Serves as an internal consultant to faculty to conceptualize, design, develop, deliver, and assess high quality face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses.

Partners with campus and college Faculty and Instructional Development staff to develop and implement comprehensive, coordinated programs, curriculum, systems and support for faculty and instructional development that promote excellence and innovation in teaching, learning, technology and scholarship.

Essential Job Functions:

Designs, delivers and implements programs, courses, resources, and services to develop faculty in the Essential Competencies of a Valencia Educator.

2. Designs, delivers and implements programs, resources and services to support faculty in the development of course and program curriculum in face-to-face, hybrid and online instructional modalities.

3. Works collaboratively to achieve established goals and outcomes for Campus Center(s) for Teaching/Learning Innovation.

4. Provides consultation and development for faculty in the design of course/program curricula and pedagogies in all instructional modalities according to established best practices, including learning outcomes, curriculum alignment, learning-centered teaching strategies and assessment.

5. Provides consultation and development for faculty in the selection and effective use of digital technologies, in all instructional modalities, according to established best practices.

6. Provides consultation for faculty in the design of individualized development plans aligned with the Essential Competencies of a Valencia Educator.

7. Effectively manages multiple course development projects from inception to completion, in accordance with established instructional design and curriculum development processes.

8. Designs and supervises production of learning resources in variety of formats including print, graphics, audio, video and
animation technologies to support curriculum development and learning-centered course design.

9. Supports academic departments in the exploration and development of innovative teaching and learning strategies and materials.

10. Researches, articulates, and disseminates innovative best practices in faculty development, teaching, learning and technology, in all instructional modalities.

11. Develops and implements ongoing program assessment, to understand the program's strengths and weaknesses and to establish a model of evidence-based program improvement.

12. Supports faculty in the tenure process in conjunction with the Teaching/Learning Academy team..

13. Supports campus-based and college-wide committees in issues related to teaching, learning and technology.

14. Acts as system administrator for select campus-based and college-wide software. Collects and compiles problems, issues and user requests associated with campus and college-wide software and hardware; communicates issues to the Office of Information technology.

15. Maintains the Faculty Development Library Collection to include recommending hardware and software for the Center for Teaching/Learning Innovation.

16. Assists faculty and staff in the development and improvement of course/program curriculum, learning outcomes and assessment activities in collaboration with F&ID staff, faculty, Office of Curriculum and Articulation, Office of Institutional Assessment, Office of Workforce Development and other campus and college-wide colleagues.

17. Responsible for supervising, developing and evaluating assigned staff, as appropriate.

18. Performs other duties as assigned.  







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Monday - Friday: 8 AM to 5 PM


District Office
1768 Park Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32825

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