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Coordinator, employment and onboarding

Responsible for consulting with hiring managers and coordinating staffing activities for the college, including advertising, recruitment, selection, hiring, and related training. Collaborates with campuses, divisions, and other partners to develop and execute specific onboarding programs. Serves as the primary point of contact for job applicants.

Essential Job Functions:

1. Collaborates with campuses, departments and/or business unit managers to develop, coordinate and execute high-quality pre-boarding and on-boarding programs to meet the needs of a diverse faculty and staff.

2. Establishes relationships and effective communication with new hires and hiring managers to serve as a coach and guide to both stakeholder groups as they navigate from pre-boarding through the first months of employment.

3. Ensures on-boarding and recruitment processes are completed accurately and efficiently according to position. Assists in developing marketing and communication efforts related to assigned programs.

4. Partners with Compensation and the hiring manager to determine appropriate salary offers for new hires. Extends offers to new hires.

5. Evaluates applicant flow, current labor trends, and internal needs to prepare recruitment recommendations designed to develop and maintain an applicant pool reflective of our community in terms of diversity. Monitors and provides guidance to selection committees.

6. Maximizes recruitment resources by coordinating advertisement sources including Internet, career fairs and print media. Drafts ads, brochures, announcements and other recruiting materials for print, broadcast and electronic media advertising.

7. Negotiates, administers, and executes contracts for services related to employee onboarding.

8. Analyzes data, compiles statistical reports, and presents program results as requested. Coordinates the logistical support for assigned programs, including EEO reports and data. Maintains candidate files and databases.

9. Develops record-keeping procedures and manages appropriate department records in accordance with applicable regulations, policies, and standards. Coordinates departmental calendars and reporting documents as assigned. Maintains and reconciles assigned budgets.

10. Develops and updates staffing related forms including but not limited to employment application, recruitment request forms, and hiring proposals.

11. Collaborates with Organizational Development and Human Resources leadership to develop, implement, and evaluate related programs and initiatives to further organizational goals and culture.

12. Performs other duties as assigned.


1. Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution [required].

2. Progressively responsible experience in human resources, preferably in employment and staffing.

3. This position has a reasonably low access to protected health information and is required to participate in training relative to handling of protected health information.

4. Must be able to perform all of the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation.



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