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Grounds Maintenance Supervisor

The winner of the inaugural Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence, Valencia is one of the largest community colleges in Florida, teaching more than 63,000 students annually. But it's our quality of education, not size, that truly makes us great.

The Grounds Maintenance Supervisor, reporting directly to the Managing Director of Grounds, oversees campus landscape and hardscape maintenance utilizing both in-house and contracted services.

1. Horticulture: Supervises/performs maintenance of landscaped areas utilizing sustainable horticultural practices with a variety of hand/power equipment. Manages all aspects of campus irrigation and IPM programs.

2. Hardscape: Supervises campus hardscape maintenance/repair including planters, sidewalks, permanent signage, patios, and streets including routine blowing, pressure washing and removal of graffiti, litter, etc. and routine policing of campus to keep both landscape and hardscape areas free of fallen leaves, litter, debris, unapproved signs, etc.

3. Supervision: Supervises/schedules work assignments of groundskeepers, mechanics, technicians and other departmental personnel to assure professional, proactive services are delivered.

4. Administration: Participates in preparing timesheets, vacation requests and absences; ensures that all chemical MSDS information is current; tracks all billing and reconciles invoices against goods and services received. Administers all college policies and procedures.

5. Planning: Analyzes overall grounds/landscaping program and recommends changes and/or submit plans for improvement. Design landscapes and develop long-range plans for the replacement/restoration of campus landscapes/hardscapes. Develops seasonal, proactive maintenance program for campus grounds.

6. Financial: Tracks department P-card purchases, generates PO’s, reconciles invoices, and ensures PaymentNet transactions are reviewed and verified. Develops annual budgets and participates with Procurement on data gathering for bid purposes.

7. Staff Development: Provides on and off campus educational opportunities for all staff in relevant subject areas. Performs employee evaluations and employee performance development when needed. Pursues personal development opportunities and continually evaluates the department’s response to the latest technology, policies, practices and equipment.

8. Safety: Prepares/executes preventative maintenance programs for landscape, hardscape, irrigation, equipment and fleet inventories. Enforces relevant regulations to provide the safest workplace possible. Prepares campus grounds for weather related emergencies and subsequent clean up.

9. Branding: Consistently maintains an image reflecting the College’s dedication to excellence including work areas/equipment, campus grounds, personnel, and all communications representing the College.

10. External Requests: Assigns tasks generated from the computerized work order system; assists outside departments with event set-up, furniture moving and other tasks and foster positive relationships between departments.

11. Other duties as assigned.




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