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Professor, digital media 8 month annually appointed position

Primarily responsible for teaching in discipline or discipline areas in which he/she has specific training and/or competence. Plans, organizes, teaches, and provides feedback to promote and direct student learning in keeping with Valencia's learning­centered values and in a manner that meets the essential competencies of a Valencia educator. Engages students outside of class in support of the curriculum and co-curriculum and participates in the activities of the discipline, division, campus, and college

Essential Job Functions:

1. Prepares and delivers instruction to students in assigned modalities (including classroom, hybrid, online, etc.). Prepares instructional materials. Provides feedback on students' progress, including evaluation of student mastery of course and program outcomes. 

2. Provides ample periods of time for engaging students in matters related to academic success through posted student engagement hours and in other activities that support student learning.

3. Prepares and submits required documentation including course syllabi, student attendance, final course grades, and other information as requested or required by the college.

4. Participates in department/division staff meetings. 

5. Maintains and disseminates current information pertaining to services available to students throughout the college.

6. Is familiar with and maintains behavior and actions consistent with college policies. 

7. Maintains professional development/growth according to personal needs, in fulfillment of annual performance plans, and as required for certification. 

8. Performs other duties as assigned.

Candidates must have:

  • A strong applied knowledge of either:
    a. JavaScript or other client-side, dynamic programming language, or 
    b. PHP or other server-side programming language.
  • A strong ability to write code.
  • A thorough understanding of front-end Internet Technologies. 

Preferred Skills Include:

  • Familiarity with Version Control Systems (VCS) such as GIT or Subversion.
  • Experience with pair programming and test-driven development.
  • An understanding of the business and ethics of programming and web development.
  • An ability to use markup languages.
  • An ability to use media creation tools.
  • Experience in a teaching or training environment.

For consideration, all documents must be uploaded at the time of application. This could include: resume, cover letter, all letters of reference, or any other applicable documents related to this position. Once you have completed the application process, no other documents may be uploaded or altered.



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