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Title IX Coordinator, Ryan D. Kane
District Office

Online Reporting Opportunity: Student Dispute Resolution Form

Safety and Security

West Campus: 407-582-1000
East Campus: 407-582-2000
Osceola Campus: 407-582-4000
District Office 407-582-3000 or West Campus 407-582-1000
Winter Park Campus 407-582-6000 or East Campus 407-582-2000
Lake Nona Campus 407-582-7000 or Osceola Campus 407-582-4000

Any member of the Title IX/EO Team (Deputy Title IX Coordinators)

1. Title IX Coordinator/EO Officer
2. Assistant Directors, Title IX and Equal Opportunity
3. Director, HR Policy and Employee Relations
4. Assistant Director and Coordinator, Employee Relations
5. HR Campus Directors
6. VP Organizational Development and Human Resources
7. Dean of Students, East, West and Osceola Campuses
8. Manager, Student Services, Lake Nona and Winter Park Campuses
9. Coordinator, Student Conduct and Academic Success, East and West Campuses

East Campus and School of Public Safety
Dean of Students 407-582-2586
Student Conduct & Academic Success Coordinator 407-582-2346
Regional Assistant Director, ODHR 407-582-2275
Human Resource Campus Director 407-582-2760
Assistant Director, Security 407-582-2365

Winter Park Campus
Student Services Manager 407-582-6868
Human Resource Campus Director 407-582-2760
Assistant Director, Security 407-582-2365

West Campus
Dean of Students 407-582-1388
Student Conduct & Academic Success Coordinator 407-582-1557
Human Resource Campus Director 407-582-1756
Assistant Director, Security 407-582-1327
Regional Assistant Director, ODHR 407-582-5001

Lake Nona Campus
Student Services Manager 407-582-7780
Human Resource Campus Director 407-582-4710
Assistant Director, Security 407-582-4388

Osceola and Poinciana Campuses
Dean of Students 321-682-4142 or 407-582-3422
Human Resource Campus Director 321-682-4710
Assistant Director, Security 321-682-4388
Managing Director, Safety and Security 407-582-1336

District Office
Assistant Directors, Title IX/Equal Opportunity 407-582-3454
Director, Employee Relations 407-582-8125