Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Our Interview with Angel Resende

IEC: " What different ways do you use e-mail with your professors? Can you describe specific examples?"

Angel: "One major way that I use e-mail with my professors is sending out reminder e-mails to them a few days before a test, saying, 'Please remember to put my test in the Testing Center. I have scheduled to take my exam on this date and at this time. Is this ok with you?' Fortunately, all of the professors I had were flexible with me scheduling these specific test times. Most recently, I used e-mail to communicate to my online math professor that I needed/have Extended Time for exams, according to my Notice to Instructor; he responded, “How many hours do you need for a 45 min. test?” I replied to him: “For Extended Time, I get Time and a half, so I should have 112 minutes for a 45 min test.” My professor was totally receptive to my accommodation, and to be completely honest, that was my very first time that I stated an accommodation of mine through e-mail. It probably will not be the last time either!

IEC: " Do you find using e-mail an effective tool to communicate with instructors? Why?"

Angel: "Yes, I do feel e-mail is such an effective tool to communicate with professors especially when professors see eye to eye on this education tool. E-mail is an excellent reminder tool also, for students and professors are human after all and we sometimes do forget what we have discussed. Therefore, either party can shoot out an e-mail about the previous discussion and the other party can respond by, 'Oh, ok. Thanks for reminding me!'"

IEC: "What other technology tools do you use to communicate with your professors?"

Angel: "WebCt’s Discussion Boards."

IEC: "What role do you see technology having in your education in the future?"

Angel: "I see technology as playing an extremely important role in my educational future, for technology is forever changing our resources to gain education."