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Intensive English Program
Intensive English Program
Intensive English Program

Intensive English Program

Travel and Entry into the United States

Entry Point/Arrival in Orlando

  • During your flight, you will be asked to fill out some forms. If you do not understand a form, ask for assistance:
    • CF-6059 Customs Declaration Form
    • I-94 Arrival-Departure Record Form for immigration. The Form I-94 should reflect the address where you will reside, not the school address.
  • If you are an initial student entering to attend school for the first time, you cannot enter the United States more than 30 days before the program start date indicated on your I-20.

Immigration Inspection Upon Arrival

  • During your inspection, it is important that you tell the Customs and Border Protection Officer that you will be attending school as an F-1 student.  Once your inspection is complete, the officer will stamp your SEVIS Form for duration of status (D/S), stamp the I-94, and staple it in your passport.
  • In the case that your admission to the U.S. needs to be verified at the port of entry, be sure to have the name and phone number of the school’s program advisor on hand.
  • You will go through the US-VISIT registration, which involves obtaining a scan of two index fingerprints and a digital photograph. It is conducted for all nonimmigrant visa holders.
  • Some individuals may be asked to provide additional information under the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System. Follow all instructions given by the Customs and Border Protection Officer.

Orlando International Airport

Students will arrive to the Orlando International Airport. Going through customs can add an additional hour on to your arrival time, so be prepared. After you go through customs, you will be required to pass through another security and baggage checkpoint. Here are some useful links to help you:
Airport Arrivals Guide
Airport Parking
Driving Distances and Maps


Due to college policy, Valencia cannot provide airport pick up. You can take a Taxi Cab to your accommodations if you do not have someone meeting you. Taxis use metered rates in Orlando. There are many rental car companies in Orlando, but you must be at least 21 years old to rent a car with most companies. Check the latest Orlando Travel Reports to see current delays.

Most hotels will provide airport pick up for free or additional cost. Contact your hotel for more information.






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