Lead a Study Abroad Program

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal to lead or co-lead a short-term study abroad program at Valencia! You must be a full-time employee at the college in order to apply to lead or co-lead a study abroad program. Please see the timeline below for important dates and deadlines.

Steps to Submit a Study Abroad Proposal

  • 1Attend the Study Abroad Program Leader Certificate classes in the Fall Term. Please note that this is a mandatory requirement in order to lead or co-lead a study abroad program.
  • 2Anyone interested in leading a study abroad program or participating as a program leader-in-training (PLIT) on a study abroad program must complete an Intent to Lead a Study Abroad Program Form. The form gives you approval to go to the next step in the process, which is to complete the proposal form. NOTE: You are NOT required to complete this form for sabbaticals or Endowed Chair travel. Get your dean and campus president signatures and submit to the SAGE Office by October 1st.
  • 3Please submit your completed proposal by February 28th.

    In order to submit a completed application, you will need the following documents to submit as part of your proposal:

    Official Course outline from CIM
    Program Provider Proposal
    List of Third Party Providers
  • 4 The SAGE Committee will review completed proposal packets. Evaluators and final rubric scores remain anonymous . Requestors are notified of their proposal status before the Endowed Chair deadline. If approved, eligible program leaders are encouraged to apply for additional scholarship funding by submitting a request for an Endowed Chair through the Valencia Foundation.

Program Providers

Below is a list of third party providers recommended by the SAGE Office.

Using any program provider will require a signed agreement each year. Once you have selected a program provider, you must contact the SAGE office to review the logistics and obtain a signed agreement.

Proposal Submission Timeline

  • Program Leader Certification for Next Year
  • Request Form Due for International Travel for Next Year
  • Proposal Deadline for Next Year
  • Final Proposal Decision for Next Year
  • Next Year Implementation Begins
  • Scholarship Award Notification for Next Year
  • Spring Break Programs Student Application Deadline for Current Year
  • Summer A Programs Student Application Deadline for Current Year
  • Summer B Programs Student Application Deadline for Current Year

Program Leader-in-Training (PLIT) Mentorship

This program is designed for full-time employees who have never led a study abroad program before and who would like to gain experience in order to lead their own program in the future. Below are the requirements to become a PLIT and steps to apply. Please note: It is not required to PLIT before leading a study abroad program.

Suzette Dohany discusses what it's like to be a study abroad mentee

Application Process

  • Contact the SAGE Office to identify which study abroad programs are in need of a PLIT.
  • Complete the Program Leader-in-Training Proposal Form. Supervisor and campus president signatures required.
  • (attach document)
  • Submit the form to the SAGE Office (DO-335) no later than September 1st.

Selection Process

The PLIT process is highly competitive and funding is limited. The SAGE Committee determines which programs are in need of a PLIT.


Costs that are covered by SAGE
  • Airfare
  • Accommodations
  • In country transportation
  • Program Registration Fees
  • Meals covered by program provider
  • Entrance Fees
  • Medical/Personal Liability Insurance
Costs that are NOT covered by SAGE
  • Additional meals not covered by program provider
  • Airport transfer and parking fees at Orlando International Airport
  • Passport fees
  • Airline upgrades
  • Extra baggage fees
  • Personal spending money

Participation Requirements

Program participants must

  • Complete the SAGE Certificate
  • Attend all SAGE meetings
  • Attend all class pre-departure and re-entry meetings
  • Assist in marketing and recruiting students
  • Communicate effectively with the SAGE Office, mentor, and third party provider
  • Submit the program evaluation upon return
  • Submit a proposal to lead a study abroad program within two years