Internationalizing the Curriculum

INZ Resource Guide 3rd Edition CoverIf you are interested in internationalizing your course curriculum, we have created several resources to assist you. The faculty resource guide provides an overview of the different ways that you can approach this work. As you approach this work, it is important to use Valencia's Competencies of a Global Citizen to determine which knowledge, skills, and/or attitudes you will be infusing into your curriculum. If you need assistance with this work, please contact the SAGE office.

Congratulations to the following faculty who have completed the Internationalizing the Curriculum: Creating Global Citizens Locally Workshop! Click on the name to see their video presentation.

Rhonda Atkinson
Tyler Branz
Suzette Dohany
Susan Dunn
Alan Gerber
Tammy Gitto
Jerry Hensel
Heith Hennel
Mayra Holzer
Jenny Hu

Beth King
Jim Lee
Kevin Mulholland
Kris Rodgers
Melissa Schreiber
Katie Shephard
Nicole Spottke
Adrienne Matthews
Tina Tan
Dale Truscott
Valerie Woldman

Radu Bunea
Karen Fowler
Karen Jorgensen
Andrew Lash
Charlotte Mortimer
Rhonda Oehlrich
David Stendel


Request to Internationalize Course


Course internationalization toolkits are designed for faculty to share their ideas college-wide which will be available on an open SharePoint (coming soon!):


The following faculty members have identified themselves as subject matter experts for the countries listed below. Feel free to contact them if you need assistance for study abroad information or internationalizing your curriculum. Campuses are listed by first letter with telephone extensions.

Argentina Karen Cowden (W-1960), Raul Valery (E-2882), Ana Caldero (W-1431)
Australia Mary Beck (W-1882), Gina Dalle Molle (W-1503), Eric Wallman (E-2814), Gina M. Dalle Molle (W-1503)
Austria Andrew Ray (W-1847), Carl E Creasman Jr (E-2009), Ed Frame (W-1189), Marjorie Karwowski (E-2502)
Bahamas Debbie Hall (W-1963)
Belgium Andrew Ray (W-1847), Dr. George Brooks (E-2721)
Brazil Tammi Gitto-Kania (O-4925), Christopher D'Urso (E-2804), Sylvana Vester (E-2231)
Canada Jada D. Kearns (E-2736), Debbie Hall (W-1963), Aaron Powell (W-1356)
Caribbean Islands Deymond Hoyte (E-2118)
China Deymond Hoyte (E-2118), Ed Frame (W-1189)
Colombia Aida E. Diaz (E-4092), Angela Cortes (E-2479)
Costa Rica Christie Pickeral (O-4092), Karen Cowden (W-1960), Debbie Hall (W-1963)
Cuba Tammi Gitto-Kania (O-4925), Eric Wallman (E-2814)
Czech Republic Andrew Ray (W-1847), Carl E Creasman Jr (E-2009), Dr. George Brooks (E-2721), Marcelle Cohen (2362), Debbie Hall (W-1963), Eric Wallman (E-2814), Bonnie Oliver (E-2214), Marjorie Karwowski (E-2502)
Denmark Andrew Ray (W-1847), Lana Powell (W-1322), Lee McCain (E-2489)
Dominican Republic Christie Pickeral (O-4092), Lana Powell (W-1322), Raul Valery (E-2882)
Ecuador Marcelle Cohen (2362), Ana Caldero (W-1431)
England Andrew Ray (W-1847), Carl E Creasman Jr (E-2009), Dr. George Brooks (E-2721), Deymond Hoyte (E-2118), Marcelle Cohen (2362), Jada Kearns (E-2736), Sara Melanson (E-2457), Debbie Hall (W-1963), Raul Valery (E-2882), Eric Wallman (E-2814), Ed Frame (W-1189), Marjorie Karwowski (E-2502), Aaron Powell (W-1356), Gina M. Dalle Molle (W-1503)
Estonia Wendy Wish-Bogue (W-1338)
Ethiopia Melissa Schreiber (E-2246)

Andrew Ray (W-1847), Carl E Creasman Jr (E-2009), Dr. George Brooks (E-2721), Deymond Hoyte (E-2118), Jada D. Kearns (E-2736) Hatim Boustique (E-2693), Gina Dalle Molle(W-1503), Brenda Schumpert (W-1232), Catherine Gaughan (E-2643), Debbie Hall (W-1963), Sylvana Vester (E-2231), Eric Wallman (E-2814), Marjorie Karwowski (E-2502), Anna Sezonenko (W-1084), Gina M. Dalle Molle (W-1503)

Germany Andrew Ray (W-1847), Carl E Creasman Jr (E-2009), Dr. George Brooks (E-2721), Sara Melanson (E-2457), Karen Murray (W-1485), Robert McCaffrey (E-2784), Debbie Hall (W-1963), Eric Wallman (E-2814)
Gibraltar Andrew Ray (W-1847)
Greece Carl E Creasman Jr (E-2009), Debbie Hall (W-1963), Karen Murray (W-1485), Marjorie Karwowski (E-2502)
Guyana Deymond Hoyte (E-2118), Steve Myers (E-2205)
Hungary Yasmeen Qadi (E-2624), Debbie Hall (W-1963), Eric Wallman (E-2814), Marjorie Karwowski (E-2502)
Iceland Marjorie Karwowski (E-2502)
India Yasmeen Qadi (E-2624), Aida E. Diaz (E-2336), Steve Myers (E-2205), Ed Frame (W-1189)
Ireland Andrew Ray (W-1847), Dr. George Brooks (E-2721), Eric Wallman (E-2814)
Israel Richard Gair (E-2641), Anna Sezonenko (W-1084)
Italy Andrew Ray (W-1847), Carl E Creasman Jr (E-2009), Dr. George Brooks (E-2721), Aida E. Diaz (E-2336), Tammi Gitto-Kania (O-4925), Karen Murray (W-1485), Debbie Hall (W-1963), Diane Brown (O-4119), Bonnie Oliver (E-2214), Marjorie Karwowski (E-2502), Diane Brown (O-4119)
Japan Irina Struganova (W-1947), Brenda Schumpert (W-1232), Kathleen McOwen (W- 1246)
Jordan Areej Zufari (E-2349)
Korea James May (E-2047), Eric Wallman (E-2814), Aaron Powell (W-1356)
Kyrgyzstan Mary Beck (W-1882)
Lebanon Areej Zufari (E-2349)
Luxembourg Andrew Ray (W-1847), Dr. George Brooks (E-2721)
Malaysia Yasmeen Qadi (E-2624), Deymond Hoyte (E-2118), Ed Frame (W-1189)
Mexico James May (E-2047), Debbie Hall (W-1963), Marie Trone (O-4914), Wendy Wish-Bogue (W-1338), Raul Valery (E-2882), Eric Wallman (E-2814)
Monaco Andrew Ray (W-1847), Debbie Hall (W-1963), Marjorie Karwowski (E-2502)
Mongolia Mary Beck (W-1882)
Morocco Karen Cowden (W-1960), Areej Zufari (E-2349), Hatim Boustique (E-2693), Ed Frame (W-1189)
Namibia Eric Wallman (E-2814)
Netherlands Andrew Ray (W-1847), Dr. George Brooks (E-2721), Debbie Hall (W-1963), Lana Powell (W-1322), Marjorie Karwowski (E-2502)
New Zealand Mary Beck (W-1882)
Nicaragua Kitty Harkleroad (W-1570)
Northern Ireland Eric Wallman (E-2814)
Panama Aida E. Diaz (E-2336), Eric Wallman (E-2814)
Peru Dr. George Brooks (E-2721), Ed Frame (W-1189)
Poland Richard Gair (E-2641), Eric Wallman (E-2814), Marjorie Karwowski (E-2502)
Portugal Andrew Ray (W-1847), Marjorie Karwowski (E-2502)
Puerto Rico Aida E. Diaz (E-2336), Ana Caldero (W-1431)
Romania Debbie Hall (W-1963), Eric Wallman (E-2814)
Russia Irina Struganova (W-1947), Eric Wallman (E-2814), Steve Cunningham (O-4827), Anna Sezonenko (W-1084)
Saudi Arabia Areej Zufari (E-2349), Yasmeen Qadi (E-2624)
Scotland Carl E Creasman Jr (E-2009), Eric Wallman (E-2814)
Spain Andrew Ray (W-1847), Dr. George Brooks (E-2721), Karen Cowden (W-1960), Aida E. Diaz (E-2336), Sarah Melanson (E-2457), Karen Murray (W-1485), Jeremy Bassetti (E-2367), Eric Wallman (E-2814), Bonnie Oliver (E-2214), Marjorie Karwowski (E-2502), Aaron Powell (W-1356)
Sweden Wendy Wish-Bogue (W-1338)
Switzerland Andrew Ray (W-1847), Dr. George Brooks (E-2721), Debbie Hall (W-1963), Marjorie Karwowski (E-2502)
Syria Areej Zufari (E-2349)
Tanzania Ed Frame (W-1189)
Togo Judy Chubb (E-2763)
Turkey Areej Zufari (E-2349)
Ukraine Anna Sezonenko (W-1084)
United Arab Emirates Marjorie Karwowski (E-2502)
Venezuela Steve Myers (E-2205) , Raul Valery (E-2882)
Zambia Melissa Schreiber (E-2246), Eric Wallman (E-2814)



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