Global Distinction

Valencia students can now earn a global distinction on their transcript with a medallion at graduation! visit the student global distinction (VGD) webpage for details. read below for information on how you can add your course to the global distinction approved list!

Degrees of Internationalization (INZ)

All Valencia courses are now categorized by their degree of internationalization. The current VGD course list has all 4th degree courses, but individual course sections can be added that are 2nd and 3rd degree. Visit the following webpage for complete list: VGD Course List. If you believe that a master course qualfies for the VGD, please contact Joanna Branham ( to add it to the next INZ Committee agenda.

  • 1st Degree: The course contains occasional international and/or intercultural events.
  • 2nd Degree: One unit in the course is internationally and/or interculturally-oriented (e.g., there is a unit on international marketing in the introduction to Marketing course.)
  • 3rd Degree: International and/or intercultural elements are intergrated throughout the course (e.g., students are required to consider international/intercultural viewpoints in all writing assignments.)
  • 4th Degree: The entire course has an international and/or intercultural orientation (e.g., World History, Asian Studies, language and culture courses).

Steps for Course Section Inclusion

If you would like your course section added to the VGD course list, follow the steps below:

  1. Start with a conversation with your dean
  2. Enroll in the Internationalizing the Curriculum workshop
  3. Complete a Course INZ Toolkit
  4. Complete the VGD Course Section Addition Request Form v2
  5. Obtain committee approval

NOTE: The SAGE office has funding for faculty involved in this process to participate in an international exchange program. You must have attended or be enrolled in the Internationalizing the Curriculum workshop in order to be funded. Preference will go to those faculty who have never been funded by the SAGE office for either an international exchange or study abroad in the past.

INZ Toolkit