Register Your International Travel with SAGE

This webpage has been created to assist you with your overseas travel. You can print this page and use it as a checklist:

  • Per College policy 6Hx28:5-08, all Valencia staff and faculty traveling overseas must register with the SAGE office no later than 15 days prior to departure.

  • You do NOT need to complete this process if: 1) you are leading a study abroad program with students or 2) you are traveling to Canada.

  • GROUP TRAVELERS (i.e., NEH Grant): One person should be the communication point person with the SAGE office. Please complete the Traveler's Information Worksheet - Group Travel for the entire group and send it to the SAGE office.

  • Email the SAGE office at or call 407-582-3188 if you have any questions on filling out these forms.
Check for a Travel Warning
All travelers Check for a Department of State Travel Warning for the destination country. If you see that your destination is listed on the warning list, please contact the SAGE office. The College may not fund any trips going to a country with an active travel warning.
Request for International Travel Form

Faculty exchanges

International conferences

Program Leader-in-Training


You do NOT need to complete this step if you are traveling on an Endowed Chair, a sabbatical, or an NEH grant.

Complete the Valencia Request for International Travel Form by October 1 for the academic year in which the travel will take place. This form requires dean/supervisor and campus president/vice president signatures. Send the form with signatures to the SAGE office DO-335 or email it to

INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION BUDGET FUNDING REQUESTS: If you are requesting funding from the International Education (SAGE) budget, you must submit a Planned Program Itinerary for International Travel and a Proposed Budget for International Travel with the request form. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE COLLEGE NO LONGER REIMBURSES FOR MEALS FOR INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL.

Proposal Form

Faculty exchanges

International conferences

Program Leader-in-Training

Complete any additional paperwork as applicable. Ask the SAGE office if you are exempt from this step or which forms apply if you are unsure. Obtain the required signatures and send the completed forms to the SAGE office. Sabbaticals and Endowed Chairs: These have their own application/proposal process. You can skip this step.

Passport and Visa
All travelers

Ensure that your passport is up to date and apply for a visa if applicable (be sure to verify the visa requirements). Some countries require your passport to be valid at least 6 months after your return to the United States. Please send a clear copy of your passport to the SAGE office.

Submit Proof of Passport

If you need to get information on applying for a passport for the first time or to know about a particular place to go and get your passport with to no appointments, no wait. Please follow the links: The Spot at UCF - UCF Map

For additional information, visit this page: Travel and Safety
STEP 5: Airline Reservations All travelers

INDIVIDUAL TRAVELERS: You can make your reservations online. Ask your department for assistance. You can request a cash advance on your authorization form for the airline ticket. Accounts Payable will send you a check one week prior to departure. If the money is coming from the SAGE budget, you must contact the SAGE director to get approval on your ticket before making the purchase.

GROUP TRAVELERS (i.e., NEH grant): Contact Robert Reed at Travel Max (407-704-7850). He will need you to complete the Traveler's Information Worksheet - Group Travel in order to purchase the tickets.

Ask your supervisor if you can use the department credit card (P-card) to pay for the flights. The cardholder will need to charge the amount to the approved budget in PaymentNet. The budget manager will need to be informed of the purchase and will require all receipts. Contact Accounts Payable if you do not know the budget index number.

STEP 6: Accommodations Reservations All travelers

Make your hotel or other accommodations arrangments. You can either: 1) pay for the hotel and get reimbursed after your trip, or 2) get the hotel set up in the system as a vendor and Valencia will pay the hotel directly. Please contact Accounts Payable for more details (ext. 3312).

STEP 7: Authorization for International Travel Form All travelers

Faculty and staff must complete their own form. Contact your department assistant for help. For detailed instructions on how to complete this form, click HERE.

Authorization for International Travel Form

Per the requirements of Accounts Payable, you MUST provide supporting documentation for ALL costs related to the international travel for which Valencia is paying. Example supporting documents....

  • airline quote or receipt from the travel agent or a website (please provide the days and times of departure and return)
  • tour operator quote or receipt
  • insurance quote or receipt
  • hotel website pages with prices (if you cannot obtain hotel costs, we will use the Dept. of State'smaximum lodging rate on the Per Diem by Country website page below)
  • cultural activities webpages with prices
  • supporting documentation for any other costs associated with the trip

The following is a list of expenses that SAGE funds will NOT cover: meals per diem, airport parking, airline upgrades, entrance fees to cultural or social activities that are not directly related to the internationalized curriculum project, and expenses for incoming participants from the overseas institution

Please forward your signed paperwork to the SAGE office at DO-335. We will stamp it received and forward it to Accounts Payable. Accounts Payable will not process your form without the SAGE stamp on it.

Register Your Travel Plans with SAGE
All travelers EXCEPT NEH Grant groups

Please complete the travel registration at least 15 days prior to your trip. You will need your destination itinerary, passport, airline, and accommodations information in order to complete your registration.


NEH Grant Participants: The coordinator will need to complete the Travelers Information Worksheet and send to the SAGE Office in lieu of completing the individual online form.

IMPORTANT: SAGE must receive specific accommodation locations in order to register you with the Department of State's STEP Program. Failure to provide this information will mean that you will not be registered and we will not receive important embassy updates in the event that something occurs in your country destination.

  • If you will need an international cell phone, you can request one through the SAGE office. Please note that we do not always have phones available. International calling is VERY expensive, so the SAGE phone should only be used for emergency purposes. Please see the Telestial Phone Country Rates. If you are not traveling as part of a study abroad program, you must provide the SAGE office with the budget information to charge your department. NOTE: You will be responsible for payment of all non-emergency phone calls.

  • If you would like to have an iPad instead of an international phone, the SAGE office can issue you one if available at the time of your travel (study abroad program leaders get priority). The iPad is set up with lots of travel apps and Facetime to make video calls. IF YOU LOSE ANY OF THE ACCESSORIES, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO REPLACE THEM.

  • If you have your own smartphone or iPad, we also have portable travel batteries that hold up to four charges and electrical adaptors for different countries that we can issue you.
Medical/Trip Insurance
All travelers

Valencia requires all international travelers who are working during their trip to carry medical/trip insurance. Starting June 2017, the cost is approximately $34.10 per person for every 15 days. Please note that this is additional coverage that includes overseas emergency assistance. See the coverage plan for details. 

Once you have registered your trip online (step 8), contact the SAGE Office with the budget number that the insurance will be paid out of. If you are paying with personal funds, you can pay at the campus Business Office. Contact the SAGE Office for details on how to complete this process.

STEP 10: Department of State Registration All travelers

Upon receipt of your registration (STEP 8), the SAGE office will email you a copy of Valencia's Emergency-Crisis Management Plan for International Travel, register you with the Department of State's STEP (Smart Travelers Enrollment Program), and will inform Valencia's Emergency Response Team of your upcoming travel.

STEP 11:
All travelers

It is very important to keep a copy of all your receipts that are related to the costs of your travel. Please use the International Expense Report to make it easier to figure out the expenses for the final per diem.

Our program providers suggest that you exchange money PRIOR to leaving the United States in order to get the best rates. There is a currency exchange booth at the Florida Mall (407-854-0860).

If you will be using a personal credit card overseas, be sure to contact the credit card company in advance to let them know so that they do not freeze your account for suspicious activity.

If you are traveling to Europe, be aware that some countries are in the process of using a new credit card system that uses a chip and pin. The magnetic swipe credit cards will not work. You should find out what system is in use at your destination and plan accordingly. You may need to have access to cash, which can be obtained at the bank or ATM. Be sure to take a debit card for cash access. Here is a copy that offers the new chip and pin credit card: Andrews Federal Credit Union.

STEP 12:
Know Before You Go
All travelers

The following is a list of other important information for your international travel:

You must contact CISI before you request or pay for any medical services. They may not reimburse you if you do not contact them first. Call the 24-7 number on your card.

Please visit the Travel and Safety webpage for lots of useful links.

STEP 13:
Upon Your Return
All travelers

Please complete the Per Diem Form for International Travel. Include a copy of ALL receipts (airfare, hotel, ground transportation, entrance fees, etc.) with your per diem form for close out. For detailed instructions on how to complete this form, click HERE. Send the Per Diem, receipts, and international cell phone (if applicable) to the SAGE office at DO-335.

STEP 14:
Faculty Exchange Close Out

Faculty Exchanges

Program Leader-in-Training

  • Contact the SAGE office to let us know how you will be meeting the "sharing" requirement of your program (Cafe Conversations, department presentation, conference presentation, International Education Week, Skillshop, etc.).

  • OPTIONAL: Upload photos to the SAGE Flickr (create a set for your program): OR send us a link to your blog to post to the SAGE website.

  • EXCHANGES: Submit your "Internationalizing the Curriculum" project to the SAGE office by the end of the semester after you return.

  • PLIT: Submit your final report within 30 days upon your return.