SAGE Program Leaders & PLIT Participants

The following Valencia faculty have led a short-term study abroad program or will be leading a program in the future. They have a WEALTH of information that they are always willing to share!


Business & Technology

Professor HenselComputer Fundamentals Study Abroad Program

Jerry Hensel, professor of Information Technology, has been highly involved in study abroad at Valencia. He has led study abroad trips to Spain and Brazil, and facilitated faculty workshops. It was very exciting for him to see how other people use technology around the world, and how technology plays a role in European and South American businesses. Many of the students that participated in these trips returned home with a new appreciation for the technology available in the United States.






Professor Hoyte(Entrepreneurship) Business & Technology Study Abroad Program

Deymond Hoyte, Professor of Computer Engineering and Business, has traveled to Barcelona, Spain; Stugart, Germany; and Strasbourg and Paris, France on a site visit to research and arrange the Sustainability and Alternate Energy study abroad program. Deymond visited several alternative energy companies, as well as the European Union in Strasbourg. During his visit, he had the opportunitity to speak with a member of parliament about the EU nations plan for sustainability. In addition to his work as a professor, Deymond has led several study abroad programs with Valencia including the Immersion in Global Business program in the countries of China, France, and Germany. His passion for traveling (47 countries) and the love of people, history and culture provides him with a global perspective. His vision is to share his experience and develop students' entrepreneurial skills.

Visit the following link to see the China 2012 program in action, including first-hand accounts from Deymond and students: .



Professor Heith HennelComputer Fundamentals Study Abroad Program

Heith Hennel, professor of Information Technology, is a veteran traveler. He proposed to his wife under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, then, he spent a 100 days traveling through Southeast Asia for his honeymoon. He also lived in Greece for a year and has travelled to over 30 countries. In addition to his time at Valencia, Heith has worked in the IT industry with clients such as Google, Motorola and Visa. He enjoys running especially while traveling abroad to see a city/country from a different viewpoint. He has led Valencia trips to Spain, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil. During these programs, students examined how technology is used in business, as it is technology that can really connect us in a global environment.






Professor Charlotte MortimerMathematics Study Abroad Program

Charlotte Mortimer is a professor of Mathematics at Valencia College West Campus. She has been at Valencia since 2012. Charlotte completed her Bachelor of Science at the University of Tampa in Mathematics and Secondary Education in Mathematics and Masters of Arts at UCF in Educational Leadership – Community College. She's had a passion for travel and anything international her whole life. She studied abroad as an undergraduate in Australia. She has traveled to Australia, Italy, France, England, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic, Spain, Belgium, Mexico, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Canada, and Jamaica so far. Her MGF 1106 classes are internationalized and quality for Valencia's Global Distinction program.

She is a short term study abroad program leader with MGF 1106 College Mathematics. In this class, instead of tests, students will collect information while abroad and use the 5 lenses of the class (Sets, Logic, Probability, Geometry, and Statistics) to organize and analyze the information.




Professor SchreiberHealth Education Study Abroad Program

Mellisa Schreiber, professor of Biology, has traveled to Germany in order to compare US/German health care systems. After that trip she went to Panama to research a tropical parasite called Leishmania , and then traveled to Ethiopia to study about HIV/AIDS. During her studies at the University fo Central Florida (UCF), she had the opportunity to travel to China to present the findings of her graduate research in the development of an oral vaccine for malaria. She has been all over the world: Germany, Netherlands, Panama, Ethiopia, Zambia, South Africa, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Jamaica, Belize, China, Italy, France, Costa Rica, Puerto Ricao, Spain, Beligum, Korea, Ireland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Thailand, Turkey, Romania, Greece, St. Maarten, and Russia.

Professor Schreiber has also led the Health Education short-term program with Valencia.





Professor FrameHonors Humanities Study Abroad Program

Ed Frame, professor of Humanities, was in the Peace Corps and served in Sabah, Malaysia for two years. He returned to Malaysia on a Fulbright-Hays doctoral research grant for 9 months and was hired by a University in Penang Malaysia as a professor of Asian and Western Music. His wife is from Malaysia. They have travelled extensively during their marriage and have visited 35 countries. In addition, their children travel extensively. His oldest daughter is has taught in South Korea and his youngest daughter received a Fulbright-Hays doctoral research grant in Tanzania. His wife speaks two dialects of Chinese and he speaks Malay. His elder daughter is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and his middle daughter is fluent in German. His youngest speaks Hindi and Swahili.

He has led or been a part of multiple honors overseas trips with Valencia. These include Peru, Morocco and Spain, Vienna, and Paris. It has been an honor to him to lead the honors trips. The students are absolutely thrilled to be able to travel overseas. He considers it a real blessing that Valencia is interested in exposing students to the eye-opening experience of study abroad in both the SAGE and the honors programs.



Professor Jane MaguireHonors Study Abroad Program

Jane Maguire, Communications Professor teaching ENC0017, ENC0027, and Honors IDH2911, has been at Valencia since January 2004. Jane completed her Bachelors and Masters degrees at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Jane is the Seneff Honors Coordinator for the Undergraduate Research Track on East Campus. She enjoys traveling to conferences with the Honors students, which led her to become interested in the study abroad program. Jane has traveled as a program leader-in-training during the Spring Break IDH2955 Honors study abroad trip to the Netherlands. During the 2018 Spring break, she will travel to Spain with the IDH2955 Honors students visiting Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid. The students studying abroad will visit a refugee center in Madrid for service learning hours teaching basic English as one of the highlights of the cultural experiences the students will have during this trip.





Professor Kevin MulhollandHumanities Study Abroad Program

Kevin Mulholland, professor of Humanities, was born in England and has lived and taught in his home country, Canada and the USA. He has had a long career teaching, and has always appreciated the fact that his job has given him the time and resources to study other cultures. Kevin has traveled extensively in North Africa, Europe, Latin America, Canada and the USA. He was the co-leader for a student service learning trip to the Dominican republic, and is looking forward to taking a group of students to Ireland in May 2016.






Professor Jeremy BassettiHumanities Study Abroad Program

Dr. Jeremy Bassetti, professor of Humanities at Valencia College East Campus, completed his Ph. D. at Florida State University in 2014. He performed a bulk of his primary doctoral research at the Royal Academy of History in Spain, where he lived and studied from 2010 to 2011. He has been a study abroad program leader at Valencia College since 2016 and is training to be a SAGE Program Leader Certificate facilitator.






Professor Lisa ColeHumanities Study Abroad Program

Lisa Cole, professor of Humanities and Art History at Valencia College West Campus, has been involved with study abroad since 2014. She has served on the Study Abroad Committee and as a Program Leader in Training to Spain. She has traveled to Italy, France, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, and Spain. 






Political Science

Professor Heather RamsierPolitical Science Study Abroad Program

Heather Ramsier, professor of Student Life Skills and Political Science, has a firm background in education.  Her career prior to joining Valencia College focused on teaching social science courses in the secondary classroom. In 2011, she began instructing face-to-face and online political science and student success classes at the Osceola Campus and teaching unique populations at the Adult Learning Center of Osceola and Liberty High School.  Her experience in classroom instruction was enhanced in 2013 when she participated in a college preparatory program for students in Osceola County public high schools and middle schools. Heather is a seasoned classroom instructor that is also trained in academic advising.

Heather enjoys traveling and has visited Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, Spain, France, Italy, and Iceland. Her interest in learning about the cultures of others is rooted in her lifelong passion for the social sciences.  Heather studied at the University of Central Florida, earning both her bachelor's degree and master's degree in Social Science Education. Heather is the interim program leader of the study abroad trip for International Politics in France and Belgium, visiting the cities of Paris, Strasbourg, and Brussels.



Dr. CreamerInternational Politics Study Abroad Program

Dr. Scott Creamer is a professor of political science at Valencia College on the Osceola campus teaching courses in U.S. government and international politics. He completed his Ph.D. and Master of Arts degrees in political science at the University of Connecticut, and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in international studies at Johns Hopkins University. He has been a professor of political science for over 10 years, teaching at The University of Connecticut, Southern Connecticut State University, and Naugatuck Valley Community College. He has been at Valencia College since 2011.

Dr. Creamer has been a study abroad program leader for the International Politics in France and Belgium program several times since 2012, visiting the cities of Paris, Strasbourg, and Brussels.






Professor MyersField Biology Study Abroad Program

Steve Myers, professor of biology on the East Campus, has found, after 28 years of teaching at Valencia, that some of his most rewarding experiences have been traveling abroad with students. He first began taking students on self-designed field courses 20 years ago. Later, these field courses turned into full-scale study abroad programs and has now led multiple trips to India and Guyana to study and learn together. During his programs, students learn basic science skills in field work methodology, including field observations, note taking, data collection, and taxonomic identification of important species. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to meet and work with some of the world's finest biologists, conservationists and herpetologists.





Professor Marie TroneEnvironmental Science Study Abroad Program

Marie Trone is a Professor of Biology.  Marie participated as a student in a tropical marine biology course that took her class to Belize during her sophomore year in college, and her life has never been the same since!  Marie spent 13 years working as a dolphin trainer, three of which were spent living in the Mayan Riviera in Mexico.  As a result of this employment she drove her Ford Escort to the Yucatan Peninsula from the United States twice.  In addition, she has established the Amazon Dolphin Acoustics Lab in the Peruvian Amazon and consequently has spent the past 4 summers investigating river dolphin acoustics and behavior.  Her work in the Amazon has led to collaborations with the University of Toulon in France and the Instituto de Investigaciones de la Amazonía Peruana (IIAP).  Marie conducted her Master's thesis work investigating fish biodiversity in Tobago in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institute.  She has also traveled to other international destinations in Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras, the Caribbean and Japan for science conferences or visiting friends.


Professor BrantleyEnvironmental Conservation Study Abroad Program

Betsy Brantley, professor of biology, has traveled across Europe and to several countries in West Africa (where her favorite “fun-sounding-name” location was Ouagadougou). She was privileged to participate in Valencia's first Study Abroad Program-Leader-in-Training course in summer 2013. As part of that program, she spent two weeks in Ecuador studying transcultural nursing, a course which included visits to hospitals and health clinics in both the capital city and in rural rain forest communities.







Service Learning

Professor Christy CheneyService Learning Study Abroad Program

Christy Cheney, professor of Student Life Skills, began teaching at Valencia in 1997 and, in her first term, she served in a Learning Community course (LinC). With the help of various grants, including Achieving the Dream and the Developmental Education Initiative, her involvement with LinC became a part of her workload every term.  Since 2010, Christy has been a part of the REACH (Reaching Every Academic Challenge Head on) program, a relatively new learning community on Osceola Campus, which consists of a small group of students who take their first year of college courses together with the same instructors.  Working with students in a learning community setting gives students and faculty the opportunity to work more closely together through the development of cross-disciplinary lessons and activities.  The integration between student's courses helps them to directly apply key concepts and outcomes, and build connections between students, faculty, and counselors.

Her passion for travel, meeting new people and learning more about the powerful impact the immersion of cultural experiences can have on all people motivated her to complete the Study Abroad Leader Certification, and become involved with Valencia's Study Abroad Program.  In March 2015, Christy was a Co-Leader in the Study Abroad to Italy and Greece, and will lead an International Service Learning course to Italy in May 2016.  Christy recently was awarded an Endowed Chair to provide study abroad scholarship opportunities for REACH students!  She continues to develop and create opportunities for students to gain exposure and awareness of the world.  With the partnership of University of Central Florida (UCF), Christy plans to co-facilitate Global Distinction co-curricular programs for students to enhance their knowledge of global citizenship.

Christy has a bachelor's degree in Organizational Communication and a master's degree in Higher Education, both from the University of Central Florida.


Professor Liz EarleService Learning Study Abroad Program

Liz Earle is a Communications Professor on the Osceola Campus and has been with Valencia College since 2000. Always interested in the study of people and cultures, as an undergraduate Liz participated in an Anthropology Study Abroad program in San Salvador, an out island in the Bahamas. She has traveled extensively throughout Europe, and in South Africa and Peru, and lived in England for three years. In 2017, Liz traveled to Italy with the Greek/Roman Humanities Study Abroad in Italy trip as a Program-Leader-in-Training. She will co-lead Study Abroad to Italy/Sicily in the summer of 2018, and is excited to incorporate a home stay and service learning experience in Sicily.