Global Distinction

Thank you for interest in Valencia College's Global Distinction (VGD)!

A global citizen is curious and eager to learn about the dynamics of a growing world community. The goal of Valencia's Global Distinction (VGD) is to prepare students to live and work in an interdependent and multicultural world, while having the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a competent global citizen. This preparation includes:

  • Studying global current and historical events from multiple perspectives.
  • Achieving a greater degree of cross-cultural competency through multidisciplinary study.
  • Appreciating diversity in others.
  • Articulating self-awareness from a cross-cultural perspective.
  • Fostering curiosity about the world and different groups of people.

Complete the Intent to Graduate with VGD Distinction online submission form before the application deadline for your term of graduation.

Submit Intent to Graduate

In order to successfully earn the Valencia Global Distinction, students must complete the following:

  • Valencia's Global Distinction orientation seminar.
  • 15 credit hours from any of the courses on the approved VGD course list.
  • 15 co-curricular hours with a global/intercultural theme OR participate in a study abroad, international internship, or international service learning program.
  • Capstone project showcasing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a global citizen.
All students will receive a medallion, an acknowledgement at graduation, and a Global Distinction notation on their official transcript.

Global Distinction Approved Courses List

Review the approved list of courses that can count toward your 15 credit hours.

Search for Courses

Use the Credit Class Schedule Search to search for VGD supporter courses.

Student Capstone Projects

Global Distinction Project

Education and its Role on Global Economy by Alina Rivera-Campo

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Steps to Enroll

If you are interested in enrolling in the Global Distinction program, please complete the following required items:
  • 1Enroll in the program by completing the online form. Make sure you upload your unoffical transcript.
  • 2Attend a Valencia Global Distinction Orientation (required). Online Orientations are coming soon.
  • 3Complete 15 credit hours of coursework from any of the courses on the approved VGD course list
  • 4Complete 15 co-curricular hours with a global/intercultural theme OR participate in a study abroad (short-term or semester abroad), international internship, or international service learning program.
  • 5With the support from a VGD mentor, develop and present a capstone project showcasing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a global citizen.

VGD Campus Mentors

Tammy Gitto

Tammy Gitto

Humanities professor at Valencia College. As an instructor at Valencia, Tammy has had the opportunity to partake in research, through grants and endowments, at the NYC Public Library division of Baltic and Slavic studies via and National Endowment for the Humanities, as well as research in Brazil, Paris, and Cuba. Tammy is a native New Yorker, and received both Bachelors and Master’s degrees from SUNY Stony Brook. While completing her undergraduate degree, she had the opportunity to study in Siena, Italy. During the past few years, Tammy has been able to embark on several study abroad journeys with approximately one hundred students during the past years.

Beth King

Beth King

Beth King is the West Campus Coordinator for Valencia Global Distinction. She loves travel and research and is also a librarian. Find her in the West Campus library for VGD advice, research help, and random international information

Aby Boumarate

Aby Boumarate

Professor of English and Holocaust Studies has been teaching at Valencia for almost two decades. Aby, understands the regimen to reach across cultures and has contributed immensely to the development and growth of Valencia’s Global Distinction. As a member of the INZ (Internationalizing the Curriculum) committee, he served as the program’s first mentor, which enabled him to work with college-wide VGD students to complete their capstone and successfully graduate with Valencia’s Global Distinction.

Mr. B. is committed to fostering a collegewide culture of global engagement, which has led him to collaborate with multiple college/local organizations and The Holocaust Memorial Resource Center. Additionally, he continues to facilitate workshops and invite special guests to give presentations and interact with students. In the last few years, these guests included Holocaust/genocide survivors, global artists, and renowned scholars.

This commitment to global education is an integral part of his teaching philosophy, which centers on three key tenets: opportunity, simplicity, and community. His goal is to assist students in embracing their membership in the global learning community while developing higher critical thinking skills in such a simplified manner that integrates innovative and productive methods to highlight the centuries-old belief that "education is fun."