International Study and Experience


Before You Go

Once you have been selected or approved to study abroad, then you need to get ready! Here are some links to help you:
  • Be sure to check out our Travel and Safety website page. You will find information on the following:
    • Passports and international travel
    • Visas
    • Destination resources
    • Safety
    • Your healthcare abroad
    • Cell phone access, country calling codes, & time zones
    • Electrical current standards & metric conversions
    • Student ID cards, student loans, & health insurance
    • Transportation & weather
    • Language learning
    • Jobs & news

  • If you are participating on a Valencia short-term program, the Program Leader will send you information on the day, time, and location of your program orientations. Please note that all orientations are mandatory, and you will be asked to fill out and sign the Study Abroad Forms.

  • If you are participating on a semester study abroad program through a third-party provider, they will send you the information you need to get ready for your program. You may or may not be required to attend orientation sessions.

  • All short-term programs will include medical-trip insurance with CMI/MedEx. Semester students will have to purchase insurance on their own. Please familiarize yourself with the coverage policy details. Insurance coverage does not cover problems that are related to weather. Also, it is important that you contact MedEx immediately when there is an incident. They will not reimburse you if you wait until after the fact of paying for services to contact them.

Important Cell Phone and iPhone Information for International Travel

Before traveling overseas, be sure to contact your phone provider to find out about international rates and phone settings you should know.  The following information is for AT&T customers only but is given as an example on questions to ask your program provider.  If you are not fully aware of how your phone works internationally, you can incur very high charges without intending to.

You can purchase international packages for one month for calls, texts, and data for Internet usage.  If you plan on using your phone overseas, be sure to purchase a package because the regular rates are very expensive.  The following is a list of the AT&T prices.  Note that they prorate the package based on the date you request it and where you are in your billing cycle.  Be sure to request that billing start from the beginning of your cycle:

  • International roaming for one month:  $5.99 and each call is a discounted rate
  • International text package of 50:  $10.00
  • International 20MB data:  $24.99 (1MB overseas would be $20.00 without the package)


  • ROAMING:  Turn your cellular phone OFF before you get on the plane.  You can turn the phone on again once you arrive to your destination.

  • VOICEMAIL:  It is important to leave your phone OFF if you do not want to be charged over $1.00 for every voicemail that is left for you.  If your phone is ON, you will be charged when someone calls and they leave a message.


  • ROAMING:  Turn roaming OFF before you get on the plane (settings – general network) and set the phone to FLIGHT MODE.  When the plane lands, you can set the phone back to normal from flight mode, but leave roaming OFF. Remember to turn roaming back ON when you return to the United States.

  • VOICEMAIL:  It is important to leave your phone OFF if you do not want to be charged over $1.00 for every voicemail that is left for you.  If your phone is ON, you will be charged when someone calls and they leave a message.

  • FREE CALLING AND TEXTING APPS: There are several free applications that you can download to send and receive calls and texts via your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad. You will need the headphones that have the integrated microphone:
    • Viber: For iPhone only. Both users must have the app downloaded and you can make calls to each other even internationally.
    • Textfree to Voice: For iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. The sender must have the app to send free texts but the user does not need an app or an iPhone. Both users need the app for calling. You get 10 free minutes and you can earn more minutes by downloading different apps or you can buy minutes which are extremely cheap. This application works in the following countries:US, Australia, Canada, China, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Guam, Guatemala, India, Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, UK, Venezuela.