NAKITA CAMACHO - For her Capstone project Nakita created a video on how Anime Conventions bring diverse people together.

Nakita, holding her medallion and Valencia degree in this picture, deeply believes that “the world would be a better place when everyone finds common bridges of friendship, respect and tolerance — the tenet principles of Anime conventions all over the world.”

SPRING 2015 Graduate


JOSSIE MORALES - As a graphic designer who is hoping to go out to other countries and help small businesses grow,” Jossie, from the Osceola Campus, believes in empowering small businesses to preserve a sense of place. Just recently, for instance, she crafted a new logo for the Orange County Animal Shelter and will soon be approaching them with her idea.

SPRING 2015 Graduate




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MELISSA THOMAS-YARDE - Melissa, a Caribbean native and a computer programmer, has become an expert on the Everglades preservation in only a matter of weeks. “When I began this journey, I did not expect this capstone project to change me the way it did,” Melissa asserts, and she has become an ardent voice calling for “a commitment that demands global attention to the Everglades — any weak effort will be lost among the tides and seas of growing world problems; we need a worldwide thrust to teach people to appreciate, value and preserve the Everglades for all mankind.”

SPRING 2015 Graduate


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VGD Graduates - SPRING 2016

Congratulations To:
Rachel Shuck
Alicia Stinnett
Laura Marcela Agudelo-Paez
Darin Starks
Melissa Elliott
Pamela Hernandez-Rivera
Rashidamonique Marine