Global Distinction - Course List


Click on a link below to jump to that group of courses. There are also specific course sections listed by individual professors who have been approved to have their courses added to the Global Distinction program that are not part of the master list.

PLEASE NOTE: we will not be accepting any CLEP courses for this program. Also all courses have to be passed with a "C" grade or better.

Please note that the following two programs will help you achieve the Global Distinction:

Individual Course Sections
HUM 1020H - Introduction to Humanities - HONORS - Valarie Woldman - Winter Park Campus
MGF 1106 - College Mathematics - Charlotte Mortimer - West Campus
SPC 1017 - Interpersonal Communication - Mayra Holzer - West Campus

* = Study Abroad Program

Arts, Humanities, Communication, and Design:
AFA 2000 Introduction to the African American Experience
ARH 2050, 2051 Introduction to Art History I, II
ARH 2051H: Introduction to Art History II - HONORS
ARH 2500 Non-Western Art History
DAA 1330, 1331 African Dance I, II
ENL 2012 English Literature 1300-1800
ENL 2022 Survey English Literature 1800 to Present
FRE 1000 Conversational French
FRE 1120, 1121 Elementary French I, II
FRE 2200, 2201 Intermediate French I, II
GEA 1000 World Geography
GER 1000 Conversational German
GER 1120, 1121 Elementary German I, II
HUM 2220 Humanities Greek/ Roman
HUM 2220H Humanities Greek/ Roman - HONORS
HUM 2223 Humanities Late Roman and Medieval
HUM 2223H Humanities Late Roman and Medieval - HONORS
HUM 2232 Humanities Renaissance and Baroque
HUM 2232H Humanities Renaissance and Baroque - HONORS
HUM 2234 Humanities Enlightenment and Romanticism
HUM 2234H Humanities Enlightenment and Romanticism - HONORS
HUM 2250 Humanities 20th Century
HUM 2250H Humanities 20th Century - HONORS
HUM 2310 Mythology
HUM 2310H Mythology - HONORS
HUM 2403 Middle Eastern Humanities
HUM 2410 Asian Humanities
HUM 2454 African-American Humanities
HUM 2461 Latin American Humanities
HUM 2461H Latin American Humanities - HONORS
LIT 2110 Survey in World Literature: Beginning through Renaissance
LIT 2120 Survey in World Literature: Enlightenment through Present
LIT 2120H Survey in World Literature: Enlightenment through Present - HONORS
LIT 2174 Multimedia Literature: The Holocaust
LIT 2174H Multimedia Literature: The Holocaust - HONORS
PAX 1000 Introduction to Peace Studies
POR 1120 - Elementary Portuguese I
POR 1121 - Elementary Portuguese II
REL 2300 Understanding Religious Traditions
REL 2300 Understanding Religious Traditions - HONORS
SPC 1017 Interpersonal Communications
SPC 1017H Interpersonal Communications - HONORS
SPC 1700 Cross-Cultural Communication
SPN 1000 Conversational Spanish
SPN 1120 Elementary Spanish I
SPN 1121 Elementary Spanish II
SPN 1340, 1341 Spanish for Heritage Speakers I, II
SPN 2200,2201 Intermediate Spanish I, II

A.S. Degrees:
FSS 2242C International and Regional Foods
HFT 2867 Wine Essentials

FIN 2051 International Finance
GEB 1350 Introduction: International Business
GEB 2955 Immersion in Global Business
MAR 2150 International Marketing

None applicable at this time

None applicable at this time

Health Sciences:
None applicable at this time

WOH 2003 A History of Genocide

None applicable at this time

Public Safety:
CJE 2062 Peace, Conflict, and the Police*
CJE 2160 Multicultural Law Enforcement

BSC 2366 Neotropical Ecology*

PCB2340 Field Biology*
PCB 2350 Neotropical Biology
BOT 2800 Ethnobotany

Social and Behavioral Sciences and Human Services:
ANT 2000 Introductory Anthropology
ANT 2000H - Introductory Anthropology - HONORS
ANT 2140 Introduction to Archaeology
EUH 2000 Ancient and Medieval West Civilization
EUH 2001 Modern West Civilization
INR 2002 International Politics
INR 2002H International Politics - HONORS

CGS 2038C IT for International Business*