Intent to Graduate

Steps to Receiving Graduation Regalia (VGD Medallions)
Step 1
Complete the following requirements to earn VGD distinction:

  • VGD orientation
  • 15 Curricular hours
  • 15 Co-curricular hours
  • Capstone presentation

Step 2
Complete an Intent to Graduate form before the application deadline.

Step 3
Complete the Intent to Graduate with VGD Distinction online submission form below before the application deadline for your term of graduation:

  • Fall term: October 1st
  • Spring term: February 1st
  • Summer term: June 1st

Step 4
Collect VGD relagia one of the following ways:

  • Attend Annual Night of Distinction Event: Students who are registered to graduate with the Registrar's Office and have earned a VGD medallion will be invited to the Night of Distinction.
  • Have the medallion mailed to the student's home address (student must notify the Office of Curriculum Initiatives)

Intent to graduate with VGD Form