College Mathematics in the UK (MGF 1106)


  1. Program Fee: $3,800
  2. Scholarship: $1,800
  3. Click on the United Kingdom Estimated Fees Breakdown form for details. Note that the information is subject to change.
  4. Notes (if applicable):


In this 2 week immerse trip to the United Kingdom, you can complete your math class.

During this trip, we will visit three locations in the United Kingdom: Edinburgh, Scotland; Kent, England; London, England. In the first two locations, we will stay with local families in their homes. Students will each have their own bed, but may share a room in the house with one or two students in the trip, which is no different from if we were staying in a hotel. The bedroom door will be able to lock from the inside. Students will eat dinner with their host family every night and get to spend one full day with their family in Scotland. While this may sound a little scary at first, I assure you that homestays will give you a real feel for what life is like in Scotland and England. Host families go through a back ground check to ensure safety. I have hosted students on a program similar to this one but that were visiting the United States and the experience has always been great.

During the day, the family will drop students off at a meeting location and then students will spend the day with me and our tour guide doing all sorts of things collecting information.

In Edinburgh, Scotland, we will visit some castles see where scotch whisky is made, tour a rugby stadium, cruise the Lock Katrine, eat in a traditional Scottish pub, and more. In Kent, we will do a scavenger hunt, visit more castles, eat at a traditional English countryside pub, visit the Harry Potter Studio tour, and more.

One of our pre-trip meetings will take place at Universal Studios where we will get to experience the parks free by acting as mystery shoppers and reviewing our experience. After our meeting and the mystery shop are complete, students will then visit the Harry Potter areas of the parks to collect some information to compare to the Harry Potter studio tour in London. After Kent, England, we will go to London, England to stay in a hotel for 5 nights. Each student will have their own bed with 2, possibly 3 students per room. Again, males will stay with males and females with females. In London, we will cruise the canals of the Camden Lock to Little Venice, visit the Camden Market, tour the Olympic stadium, see the changing of the guards, complete a scavenger hunt in Hyde Park, eat in a traditional English pub, and more. During our time in London, we will collect data and information to compare to some of our other experiences. For example, we will compare and contrast the rugby stadium to the Olympic stadium. We will also see how many possible meal options we had at each of the traditional pubs we ate at and compare the experiences. These are just a few of the things we will look at. In this program, you have the unique opportunity to take a math class without a single test, visit Universal Studios in Orlando and compare it to the Harry Potter studio in London, visit a small, medium, and large city in the United Kingdom for a significant amount of time and compare and analyze many aspects of your experience. You have the chance to stay in the home of a Scottish and English family and experience first-hand what it is like to live their life and to eat their home cooked food. Everything mentioned is included in the cost of the trip includingevery single meal you will eat while abroad, all transportation, all lodging, and all entrance fees for activities done as a group. A possible way to bring down the cost of this trip is to apply for a Gilman scholarship. Any student going on this trip and receiving the Pell Grant is eligible for up to $5,000 in scholarship money. This scholarship is for students that would not normally have the opportunity to study abroad. I will be happy to help anyone that is eligible with the application process for the Gilman scholarship.


Topics include systematic counting, probability, statistics, geometry, sets, logic, and the history of mathematics. Gordon Rule course. Minimum grade of C is required if the class MGF 1106 is used to satisfy Gordon Rule and general education requirements.


  1. The program will require an extensive amount of walking and being outside.
  2. The group will use public trains and private coaches to transport around cities and between cities. All costs are included.
  3. Students will be in homestays in Edinburgh and Kent.
  4. All families are personally met with by a member of the program provider.
  5. A background check is done on all host families.
  6. The bedroom at each house will have a door that can lock from the inside.
  7. Students will have their own bed in all locations, but may share a room with 1 or 2 students in the homestay and in the hotel.
  8. Male and female students will not be placed in the same house and will not share a room in the hotel.
  9. All meals are included
  10. If a student has dietary restrictions, he or she should be prepared with extra money for meals and snacks.
  11. Valencia’s Student Development Office does not allow drinking alcohol on this trip.
  12. It is important to understand that students will be acting as cultural ambassadors from the U.S. and representing Valencia positively to our foreign hosts.
  13. Ideally students should pack light to make travel easier.
  14. Students are often given money to go get lunch or dinner on their own. Students should always go to restaurants in groups of three or more.
  15. Students are sometimes given structured free time. Students should always spend this time in groups of three or more.
  16. The group will be going on two different slow moving boat rides.
  17. Students will be collecting data from host families every day so they must be willing to talk with the family.


  1. The program will receive partial funding by Valencia's Student Development Office (SDO), the Valencia Foundation, and the SAGE Office which will be contributing a percentage towards the cost of participation for a limited number of students accepted into the program.
  2. Eligible students can use their financial aid to cover the additional program costs (airfare, accommodations, meals, etc.) as long as the course satisfies your degree requirements. Complete a MY EDUCATION PLAN or meet with an Academic Advisor for details. It is important that this course count towards your degree or certificate program; otherwise your financial aid payment may be reduced.



May 16-31, 2018

Program Leader Contact:


Name: Professor Charlotte Mortimer 
Phone: 407-582-1013 
Room: West Campus, 3-238 

Program Leader In Training:

Name: Professor Roberta Carew 
Phone: 407-582-5605 
Room: West Campus, 9-119


Apply to the College Mathematics in the UK MGF 1106 (3 credits) study abroad program. You will need a Dynamic Forms login.




Application Deadline: December 15, 2017
Deposit Deadline: February 2, 2018
Final Payment (if applicable): March 2, 2018

Pre-departure Meetings:

SAGE Mandatory Orientation Meeting: January 26, 2018, 2-5pm, location East Campus, room 5-112
Meeting 1: Meeting 1: 3/9/18, 10am-12pm, location West Campus, room TBD
Meeting 2: 3/23/18, 10am-1pm, location West Campus, room TBD
Meeting 3: 4/6/18, 10am-1pm, location West Campus, room TBD
Meeting 4: Meeting 4: 4/20/18, 10am-12pm, location West Campus, room TBD
Meeting 5: Meeting 5: 5/4/18, 10am-12pm, West Campus, rooms: TBD

Re-entry Meetings:

Meeting 1: 6/8/18, 10am-12pm, West Campus, room: TBD
Meeting 2: Meeting 2: 6/15/18, 10am-12pm, West Campus, room: TBD

Please note that all orientation sessions are mandatory. The number of predeparture and re-entry meetings will depend upon your program.


  • Apply by the application deadline
  • Be a degree-seeking student with Valencia College
  • Completed one semester within last year
  • Completed 12 college-level credits
  • Be at least 18 years’ old on day of departure
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 at application deadline





  • Roundtrip Airfare
  • Homestays Accommodation for Edinburgh and Sittingbourne areas (all meals included in both cities)
  • Hostel Accommodation in London
  • Ground Transportation
  • Excursions
  • Medical and Travel Insurance


  • Gift for host families
  • Course materials
  • Course tuition and fees
  • Application (if needed)
  • Visa (not required for U.S. citizens)
  • Spending money
  • Tips



Please note that the program may be altered or canceled at any time at the discretion of Valencia College, and in many circumstances airfare or other transportation costs incurred by the student may not be refundable. Dates and prices are subject to change without notice.