Institutional Review Board

IRB Forms

Submission of IRB applications and other forms is a two-part process involving submission of both electronic and hard copy versions of the completed forms.

For IRB applications from internal researchers (for example, from Valencia employees), please take the IRB Key Questions screening survey to determine if you need to submit an IRB application Using this tool you will find out whether or not you need to submit an IRB review application. If you are still unsure after step one then go directly to step two.

For IRB applications from external researchers please follow the steps needed to get approval for the study if you have not already. Then, please use the flowchart to determine the type of review most appropriate for your study. If you are still unsure after step one then go directly to step two.

Step 2 is for people who have followed Step 1 and, based on their answers to the questions asked, are required to submit an IRB review application.

a. After reading the instructions please complete the IRB application. The forms are located at the bottom of this page.

b. Please send your application as an attachment via email to the IRB Chair at Required additional documents for the IRB application (e.g., informed consent forms, recruitment flyers, survey questions, pre- and post-tests) should be included as attachments in the same email transmission. These additional documents may be submitted in Word, Excel, or Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. The subject line for the email should say "IRB application [insert last name of Principal Investigator]."

Signatures of the Principal Investigator (PI), any Co-Principal Investigators, and the PI Supervisor/Administrator are required on the hardcopies that you mail and hardcopies are required for review. Signatures are not required on the emailed version of the application form, however the review process will not officially begin until the original signed hard copy of the IRB application and all appropriate additional documents are received by the IRB Chair.

Other forms shown below are for use by PIs with already-approved projects.

Internal Investigators should send hard copies of documents to Dr. Laura Blasi, IRB Chair at Mail Code DO-339.

External Investigators should mail hard copies to Dr. Laura Blasi, IRB Chair, Valencia College, P.O. Box 3028, Mail Code DO-339, Orlando, FL 32802.