Institutional Review Board

Who serves on the IRB?

The IRB is composed of full-time employees (with the exception of the Community Representative) with varying backgrounds and expertise to comprehend the nature of the research, as well as other competencies necessary to interpret regulations, relevant law, ethical standards, and standards of professional practice.

Following Valencia’s current collaborative approach to operations, interested applicants submitted their IRB Membership Application Forms to the appropriate nominating individual/departments, and the following individuals were selected to serve:

  • Laura Blasi - Chair
  • Jeff Hogan - Professional Staff Representative
  • Esther Coombes - Academic Program Faculty Representative
  • Risë Sandrowitz- Dean, Nursing
  • Mary Beck - Academic Program Representative
  • Linda Herlocker - Asst VP, Admissions & Records
  • Linda Speranza - Career/Technical Program Faculty Representative
  • Marcy Porter - Community Representative