West Campus Math Center

Mission Statement

Support, enhance, and celebrate; teaching and learning in Mathematics.


Design Principles

  • The Math Center will provide a welcoming, inviting, energizing space to create a learning community in mathematics.
  • The Math Center will accommodate all learning styles.
  • The design team for the Math Center Initiative will collaborate with all stakeholders (math department students, faculty, staff, and administration).
  • The Math Center will use the most effective technology available, using standard interfaces when possible.
  • The Math Center’s learning space and resources will allow for flexibility and adaptability.
  • All stakeholders will be aware of the mission, resources, and operations of the Math Center.
  • The Math Center will be staffed by trained individuals with appropriate expertise.
  • The Math Center will make effective use of available resources.
  • The Math Center’s resources, operations and effectiveness in accomplishing its mission will be assessed annually.
  • The Math Center’s layout will conform to all college safety and access standards.