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West Campus Testing Center

The last test is given one hour before the Testing Center closes

Students who begin a test no later than one hour prior to closing may remain in the Testing Center only until closing time to complete the test or until the instructor’s specified time limit has been reached, whichever comes first.

College Closed Dates

  • Monday, January 16 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)
  • Friday, February 10 (Learning Day)
  • Monday, March 13 through Sunday, March 19 (Spring Break)
  • Monday, May 29 (Memorial Day)
  • Tuesday, July 4 (Independence Day)
  • Monday, September 4 (Labor Day)
  • Thursday, October 12 (College Night)
  • Wednesday, November 22 through Sunday, November 26 (Thanksgiving)
  • Thursday, December 21 through Monday, January 1 (Winter Break)

PERT Testing

PERT TESTING is only proctored in the West Campus Testing Center on Saturdays. During the week, this testing is proctored in The Assessment Center, located in SSB 171.

Your staff contact person at the West Campus Testing Center is:

Gerri Morrison, Testing Center Specialist; 407-582-5639

Please note: A Valencia ID Number and Offical Photo ID are required for PERT Testing.

Testing Center 11-142 Photo West Campus Map Link

A Valencia photo ID card or UCF photo ID card is required for all tests

Student ID

Sample: UCF Card


You can obtain a Valencia ID with VID number on it in the Security office, SSB-170.

Please have your course title and instructor’s name when you check-in at the counter.

Bring all required supplies you need for your instructor’s test (e.g., blue books, scantron sheets, pens, pencils, notebook paper). You will be required to turn your cell phone completely off when entering the testing area.

Visit the Collegewide Testing Center website for more information on hours and locations of other campus’ Testing Centers.

Bldg 11, Rm 142
Monday-Thursday: 7am-9 pm
Friday 8am-5pm
Saturday 8am-2pm
No test may start during the final operational hour of the day.

UCF Students: by appointment only via the Online Registration site.