Learning Day

Save the date for Learning Day 2018, coming to a campus near you on Friday, February 9, 2018.

You're invited to Learning Day 2018 on Friday, February 9, a day of learning, serving and inspiration. This year, Learning Day will return to the campus model, providing increased variety for learning and service opportunities as well as campus comradery, on the following campuses: East, Lake Nona, Osceola, Poinciana and West, and the School of Public Safety. Each campus has a special lineup of personal and professional development workshops, as well as service learning opportunities.

Employees must attend the event at their designated campus. Winter Park employees should join the East Campus event. Global, Professional and Continuing Education employees must attend the School of Public Safety event, and District Office employees may participate at the campus of their choice.

All full-time employees are required to attend. It is considered a work day, and, if a full-time employee does not attend, a certificate of absence (COA) is required using either vacation or personal time (Staff - 8 hours of leave; Faculty - 7 hours of leave). Full-time employees will be paid for a full day’s worth of work, even if volunteer or scheduled events end early. Non-exempt employees should adjust their work schedules, so they can attend the full day. If a non-exempt employee works any hours over 40, the employee must be paid overtime. Part-time employees are invited and encouraged to attend, but if a part-time employee does not attend, a COA is not required.

During the event, be sure to share your experiences and photos by posting to social media using the hashtag, #OurValencia. This is a great way to share your experiences with your colleagues and showcase what you love about Valencia.


Share your Learning Day experiences and insights by posting to social media and using the hashtag, #OurValencia.