Complete the activity below. Put the APA References page in the correct order.


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Put the items in the correct order.
Below is a sequence of events. Place them in the order they should occur, number 1 being the first item. Select the step number from the drop down next to each item.
Items to order:
1. Butler, K., Rayens, M., Zhang, M., & Hahn, E. (2011). Motivation to quit smoking among relatives of lung cancer patients. Public Health Nursing, 28(1), 43-50. doi:10.1111/j.1525-1446.2010.00916.x
2. Tse, L., Yu, I., Qiu, H., Kai, & Wang, X. (2011). A Case-Referent Study of Lung Cancer and Incense Smoke, Smoking, and Residential Radon in Chinese Men. Environmental Health Perspectives, 119(11), 1641-1646.
3. References
4. Moreland, S. (2010). Nutrition screening and counseling in adults with lung cancer. Clinical Journal Of Oncology Nursing, 14(5), 609-614. doi:10.1188/10.CJON.609-614