Print Book Citations

 Library books

The elements needed to cite a print book are:

  1. author(s)
  2. date of publication
  3. title of the book
  4. place of publication
  5. publisher

The following is an APA full citation for a print book:

Huang, H. K.(2010).PACS and imaging informatics: Basic principles and applications. Hoboken:Wiley-Blackwell.

This example includes:

  1. the author's name --› Huang, H. K.
  2. the date --› (2010).
  3. the title of the book --› PACS and imaging informatics : Basic principles and applications.
  4. the place of publication --› Hoboken:
  5. the publisher --› Wiley-Blackwell.

APA citations should be double-spaced and have a hanging indent (the second line and all the following lines are indented).

The APA format

 Valencia Library has created color coded APA cheat sheets and made them available online. Review our APA examples for books