Journal and Magazine Citations

Image of Magazines The elements needed to cite a journal or magazine article are:

  1. author
  2. date of publication
  3. title of article
  4. title of journal/magazine
  5. volume
  6. issue (include only if the source starts on page 1 rather than continuously paginated)
  7. page numbers
  8. DOI or URL of the publication (if the source is online)

The following is an APA full citation for a journal article (with a DOI):

Mendelson, C.(2009). Diagnosis: A liminal state for women living with Lupus. Health Care for Women International,30,390-407.doi:10.1080/07399330902785158

This example includes:

  1. the author's name --› Mendelson, C.
  2. the date --› (2009).
  3. the title of the article --› Diagnosis: A liminal state for women living with Lupus.
  4. the title of the journal --› Health Care for Women International,
  5. volume --› 30,
  6. page numbers --› 390-407.
  7. DOI of the publication --› doi:10.1080/07399330902785158

What are DOIs?

DOIs provide the permanent location of an article in the form of a URL. The DOI system guarantees that links will never change, so authors and readers can rely on them to locate articles indefinitely. Many, but not all, publishers are including DOIs in journal articles. If a DOI for an article is not available, APA directs writers to simply include the URL of the journal's website in the citation. 

Valencia Library has created APA cheat sheets and made them available online. Review our APA examples for library subscription databases.