In-Text Citation Example for Web Sources

For electronic resources that have no page numbers, substitute a paragraph number IF the paragraphs are numbered. In the event the paragraphs are NOT numbered (most are not) look for a section name within the document. From within the section, locate and list the paragraph number from which the information came from.

Review this news article to see how this type of citation would work:

According to Kelland (2010), "Scientists have found a strong correlation between higher economic growth and lower mortality rates" (Shock Therapy section, para. 1).

In the event there are no page numbers, no paragraph numbers and no sections listed, simply enclose the author's last name and the publication year in parentheses. Your readers will have to use the Find Text feature in their browser to locate the passage you quoted.


Image of Molly Secours

Figure 3. Photo of Speaker Pelosi and Molly Secours.

Reprinted from Speaker Pelosi and Molly Secours [Photo]. (2009,July 22). Retrieved from:

Used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

In-Text Citation Example for No Author Given

If a particular work has no author, use a shortened version of the title instead of the author's last name.

Example: "The Affordable Care Act expands initiatives to increase racial and ethnic diversity in the health care professions." ("Health Disparities," 2010).