Paraphrasing Example

FDA.jpg In a paraphrase, Val takes information from a sentence or a group of sentences and puts it in her own words. This means that Val's paraphrase should not use the same structure as the original sentence nor the same words (except for words that are essential to the concept. In this case it would be difficult to rewrite the sentence without using either "tattoo" or "ink.")


Original Passage:

"While state and local authorities oversee the practice of tattooing, ink and ink colorings (pigments) used in tattoos are subject to FDA regulation as cosmetics and color additives."




The US Food and Drug Administration makes rules about tattoo ink, and cities and states are in charge of tattoo parlors (US Food and Drug Admin.)


The complete citation information goes on the Works Cited page at the end of the paper.



Works Cited


US Food and Drug Admin. Think Before You Ink: Are Tattoos Safe? US Food and Drug Admin. US Food and Drug Admin., Oct. 2009.Web. 19 June 2012.


Image credit: US Food and Drug Administration

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