Module 4

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val_altb1.JPG Scene 4

English class, Thursday morning. Val is talking to her professor. Matt is sitting in the front row, nearby.

PROFESSOR SAGE: Val, I thought your annotated bibliography was very good. You selected some excellent sources on tattoos.

VAL: Oh, thanks! I was really surprised at how much I found, especially after I talked with the librarian. Who would have guessed so many people would write about tattoos?


Should it surprise you? You wanted to write about them!

VAL: [Smiles] True, but only because I wanted to get a tattoo, myself.


So you were doing your own personal research at the same time?

VAL: I guess that's true. I hadn't really thought about it like that, but I really was doing my own research. I didn't want to have any regrets.

MATT: [Pointing to his upper arm] Smart! I'd love to have this one removed - it's my ex's name!

VAL: [Grimaces] Ouch!

MATT: Did you end up getting your tattoo?

VAL: Yep! [She exposes a small flower tattooed just above her hip.] I wasn't sure at first if I should, but I talked with my friends about it, and they kinda talked me into it. So I found some online reviews that recommended a really good place. And I got the picture of the flower I wanted from a tattoo blog I found.

PROF: Well, today I'll be introducing our new research paper assignment, so just remember, Val, you'll use more scholarly sources for your paper than you did for your personal research. [Addressing the class] Alright, everyone, let's get started. [She begins distributing the new assignment sheet.]

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