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barista.JPG At last, Val is nearly finished with her paper. But, she's still undecided about a few things:

  • Val is having trouble deciding when to quote her sources directly and when to paraphrase. It seems like a random choice.
  • She wants to include a great picture of a barista with a tattoo on her arm. It really makes her point about how tattoos in the workplace are a form of self-expression! Should she paste the picture into her paper, or just describe it?
  • Val has some statistics, but she's not sure if she should just write them out, or include a graph in her paper.


Val reviews what she has learned about the factors to consider. She considers the assignment first, but there are no directions about paraphrasing, pictures, or graphs. Unsure what to do, she visits Professor Sage during office hours.

Professor Sage suggests that Val use her best judgment based on what she has learned so far about integrating sources into her paper.


(Photo credit: matthanns. DSC_3355. Used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.)


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