Factors to Consider: The Assignment

backpack1.JPG Val is glad she started her research with an annotated bibliography; she has a good list of sources to choose from for her final paper. The problem now is deciding which ones should she include.

To help her decide, Val first looks at her research paper assignment. It says:

 "Include in your paper references to at least five sources. At least two of the five sources should be scholarly journal articles from the library databases. At least one should be a book (hard-copy print book or e-book is OK). The final two sources can be your choice."

 Val recalls Professor Sage explaining that the source requirements were intended to (1) give the students practice accessing and using different kinds of sources, and (2) steer them toward the most appropriate sources for the paper. 

Overall, Val is glad to have this guidance from Professor Sage. It does make her decision easier, but she still doesn't know how she'll choose the last two sources for her paper.

The bottom line: When deciding which sources are most appropriate, the first factor to consider is the requirements of the assignment; if there is one.


Image credit: Microsoft Clip Gallery


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