Step Four: Key Terms

search2.JPG Val has decided to research the question, "How do perceptions of tattoos compare in Eastern religions, Judaism and Christianity?"

She types this question into Google, but gets only a few results. So, she changes her search a little:

  • perceptions tattoos Judaism Christianity Eastern religions

More results appear, but at first glance, they don't seem to help much. Frustrated, Val makes one more change:

  • beliefs tattoos Judaism Christianity Eastern religions

Better! Val realizes that changing her search words helps her find more relevant search results. Quickly, she begins listing words she can use. The web sites she has found so far give her some ideas, too.

  • tattoos, beliefs, perceptions, ideologies, stigma, religions, Judaism, Christianity, Eastern religions, Buddhism, spirituality

The bottom line: Making a list of key words helps Val describe her information need because she can now use many terms and phrases to research her question.


Image credit: Microsoft Clip Gallery


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