Activity: Primary vs. Secondary: Check your answers:


  • Personal interview with a friend about what it's like to have a tattoo: Primary (a personal interview has not been filtered through another person's perspective)
  • Summary of a book about the cultural significance of tattoos: Secondary (a summary is a retelling of the information by a second person)
  • Encyclopedia article on ancient uses of tattoos: Secondary (an encyclopedia article does not include original artifacts but gives an overview of a subject, collected from many sources)
  • 3,000-year-old tattooed mummies at a local museum: Primary (these are actual artifacts)
  • Magazine article reporting on the popularity of tattoos: Secondary (magazines rarely conduct their own research studies but instead report on research done by others)
  • Raw data from a survey of students' opinions about tattoos: Primary (raw data are original numbers that have not been skewed or represented in any particular way)


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