Activity: Popular vs. Scholarly: Check your answers:



  • Today's blog entry from Val's favorite tattoo artist: Popular (a blog is intended for information or entertainment rather than education of scholars and students)
  • Recent scientific study of tattoo inks: Scholarly ("scientific" indicates the study was done in a scholarly manner)
  • Magazine article reporting on the popularity of tattoos: Popular (magazines are intended to inform or entertain rather than scholarly education; magazines are written by journalists rather than scholars of the subject)
  • Journal article about medical risks of tattooing, by a dermatologist: Scholarly (journals are intended to educate students and scholars; a dermatologist would be an expert on this topic)
  • Personal interview with a friend about what it's like to have a tattoo: Popular (a discussion with a friend would not be intended to educate scholars and students about the topic)
  • Book about the cultural significance of tattoos by an anthropologist: Scholarly (an anthropologist would be an expert on this topic)


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