C Tattoo.jpg Consistency is the last test for evaluating a website. It compares information from different sources to determine if the information has some uniformity. Consistency answers the WHAT question. What information is given? Does the site offer both pros and cons regarding a particular subject? Does the information provided generally coincide with other authoritative sources? If a site does not provide information on both sides of an argument, it should at least be a reputable source that provides verifiable information. Mothers Against Drunk Driving provides statistics to support the law that drinking should be illegal for individuals under the age of 21. While the site can be seen as having some bias, the information provided can be found and verified on other legitimate sites. Check the related links provided by the website. The links should go to other authoritative sites. Val needs websites that have a clear authority and where the information provided has similar information to information she already found in the books and database articles.

The two websites below were sites that Val found interesting. The first site,, not only looks biased, Val is not sure that any of the information comes from a reasonable source. Val also questions if the information is any way consistent with the information from her prior research.


Commercial Site.png


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