Module 2

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Scene 2.1

It is Thursday morning and the second day of Professor Sage's Comp I class.  Professor Sage has brought her class to the library where the librarian, Mr. Bookman, will demonstrate how to access general information sources for the class's upcoming research essay. Professor Sage has told students they will be constructing an annotated bibliography. Once everybody is seated, the librarian begins the session.

BOOKMAN:  Good morning everyone! (There is a chorus of replied good mornings from the class.) Continues: My name is Reed Bookman and I will be demonstrating how to access resources the library provides for your research needs.  Most of you probably have some familiarity with Google and Internet resources, so I am going to give you a handout on website evaluation to help guide you in selecting credible information using web resources (shuffling of handouts being passed around the room).  Today's session, however, will focus exclusively on information available through the library's resources.  

PROFESSOR SAGE:  They all have ideas of topics that they would like to do and they are in the process of narrowing it down to a research question.  They will need books, articles, and websites as sources.

BOOKMAN: Understood.  The first thing to mention is that all the electronic information in the library is accessible through your Atlas account, and your student ID is your library card that you will use to check out books and other items from the library.

MATT: (Raising his hand):  I had a library instruction a few years ago before I joined the military, and we had to have an ID and pin to access resources.  Are you saying now that we only need to log in to Atlas to access everything?

BOOKMAN: That is correct. There is no longer any need to remember several usernames and passwords to access the library's materials.  (several students nod appreciatively).  Keep in mind that all of the librarians are here to help, and sometimes the most effective search strategy you can employ to start with is to ask a librarian.  Librarians can always be found at the Reference desk if you need immediate assistance and we are also available through chat, email, and telephone.


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