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Most forms of retrieving information electronically are done through keywords.  Val has often searched Google, mixing and matching keywords to find results. This same concept applies to finding books and articles in the library's electronic databases or catalog.  In Module One, Val discovered that trying different keywords altered results, and worked better than using the entire research question as a search.

A good approach is to brainstorm a group of keywords and synonyms mentally, or to write them down. Val should choose terms with similar meanings in case the first keyword or two does not return the results she would like. A diverse group of keywords and synonyms allows Val the option to construct alternative searches to find the information she needs   Using the research question of how do perceptions of tattoos differ in Eastern religions, Judaism and Christianity, a list of possible but not exhaustive keywords are listed below.



Also Try



view, idea, opinion, judgement




body art, body marking, body adornment, iconography (symbolic meaning of art)




religion, faith, belief, spirtuality (applies to Judaism & Eastern Religions as well)


Eastern Religions


Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism etc.



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