What is LifeMap?

LifeMap is the process of setting goals for your life, career, and education. It is something that you must define for yourself. Once you do, it gives you direction. It will get you from point A to point B, point C, and so on, until you are living the life you always wanted. Your LifeMap will guide you through college: every class you take, every professor you talk to, every tutoring session, every resource used in Atlas, and every student service you seek out. Everything falls into place when you start with LifeMap.

Guide to My LifeMap

  • LifeMap tools for planning your education and career are within Atlas on the My LifeMap tab.
  • LifeMap stage links on the left tool bar provide more detail on how to progress through Valencia programs and services.
  • LifeMap resource links on the bottom of the left tool bar provide additional Valencia resources.

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