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Teleconference Panelists and Moderator


The Panelists

Dr. Michael Hooks
Vice President, Planning and Educational Services

Dr. Hooks has an expertise in institutional planning and accountability and has 31 years experience at Valencia Community College. He has been a key leader of the Learning-Centered Initiative and the development of LIFEMAP.

Ms. Falecia Williams
Postsecondary Transition Team Leader

Ms. Williams has seven years experience teaching at the middle and high school and working with exceptional student education. She has been developing successful college transition programs for at-risk youth for three years at Valencia.

Dr. Martha Williams
Director, Student Success Programs

Dr. Williams has experience as a faculty member and administrator of the Student Success Program that includes the nationally-recognized Student Success class that enrolls 4,000 students annually.

Mr. Patrick Nellis
Faculty Development Coordinator/Adjunct Professor of Political Science

Mr. Nellis has been a key leader of faculty design teams that focus on curriculum revision and improved instructional strategies to improve the success of at-risk students. His work with faculty always includes student learning from a developmental point of view. Mr. Nellis is an adjunct professor of political science.

Ms. Angela Martincak
Coordinator of Student Services

Ms. Martincak has been active in community college teaching and student services for almost 30 years. She has provided leadership in the integration of LIFEMAP into everyday student services interactions.

The Moderator

Dr. Joyce C. Romano
Assistant Vice President, Educational and Student Services

Dr. Romano has been a key developer of LIFEMAP at Valencia and has 22 years experience in student services at two-year and four-year colleges and universities.

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