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Postsecondary Transition

Postsecondary Transition Results

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Progression to Degree Results

Graduation Transition

Life Long Learning

Graduation Transition Results

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PBS Adult Learning Service
Teleconference Outline
 November 16, 2000, 2 - 4 pm

I.                    Introduction to Teleconference

Dr. Joyce Romano (Moderator)
Assistant Vice President for Educational and Student Services

II.                 Learning-Centered Initiative and LIFEMAP

Dr. Sandy Shugart
Valencia President

III.       Why LIFEMAP

Dr. Michael Hooks
Vice President for Planning and Educational Services

A.                  Student learning data
B.                   Placement rates in Prep
C.                  Completion rates of Prep
D.                  Retention rates
E.                   Graduation rates
F.                   Advisor to student ratio (professional advising staff only)
G.                  Compelling reasons to do this
H.                  Problems we needed to solve

IV.                Developmental Advising Model

Dr. Joyce Romano

A.                  Mission Statement
B.                   A As AS aS S
C.                  5 stages (names and time frame from student perspective)
D.                  Components are:

1.       Outcomes
2.       Performance Measure
3.       Guiding Principles
4.       Interventions

E.                   Conceptual framework (Frost, O'Banion, Gordon & Sears, Kolb)
F.                   From a Model to a System (re-align & re-design)
G.                  Tools - Cyber Suite
H.                  Faculty and Staff Development
I.                    Written materials
J.                    On Campus Promotional Campaign
K.                   LIFEMAP Ad Campaign
L.                   Encourage self-sufficiency

V.                  Question and Answer

Drs. Romano and Hooks

VI.                Postsecondary Transition

Ms. Falecia Williams
Postsecondary Transition Team Leader

A.                  Definition
B.                   Marketing Strategies
C.                  Age-appropriate programs
D.                  Enrollment Services Center - calling/written

VII.              Postsecondary Transition Results - Enrollment Data

Dr. Michael Hooks

VIII.            Introduction to College

Dr. Martha Williams
Director of Student Success Programs

A.                  Underprepared student initiatives
B.                   Placement into college prep courses
C.                  CPT Workshops
D.                  Competency Exit Exams
E.                   Student Success and Student Success Centers
F.                   Demonstrate Cyber Adviser (describe other Cyber tools)
G.                  Design of processes - step by step
H.                  Requirement for degree seeking students (policies revision)

IX.                Introduction to College Results - Achievement Data

Dr. Michael Hooks


X.                  Progression to Degree

Mr. Patrick Nellis
Faculty Development Coordinator/Adjunct Professor of Political Science

A.                  Pre-majors
B.                   Degree Audit letters
C.                  Benchmark Calls
D.                  Internships
E.                   Faculty and Developmental Advising
F.                   Link with Core Competencies - Think, Value, Communicate, Act

XI.               Progression to Degree Results - Retention Data

Dr. Michael Hooks

XII.             Graduation Transition

Ms. Angela Martincak
Coordinator of Student Services

A.                  Career Center
B.                   Placement Services
C.                  College Night
D.                  Grad Track

XIII.            Life Long Learning

Ms. Angela Martincak

A.                  Continuing Professional Education
B.                   Teacher Re-Certification

XIV.            Graduation Transition Results - Graduation and Placement

Dr. Michael Hooks

XV.              Question and Answer (20 Minutes)


XVI.            What's Next?

Dr. Sandy Shugart

XVII.          Conclusion

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