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Progression to Degree

Academic Warning System

Students whose grade point average and completion of course rates fall below minimum standards are placed on academic warning or probation and receive special advising intervention and coaching in success strategies to assist them in improving their academic performance. Students who are re-admitted after academic suspension or dismissal are assigned an academic advisor and are required to have their educational plan approved and to meet with the advisor during the semester.

Advising Updates

Collegewide staff development programs for the entire Educational and Student Services staff are held three times a year to correspond with the preparation for the next registration period. During the half-day workshop, staff participates in learning activities to enhance their understanding of LIFEMAP and develop improved strategies to assist students.

AA Degrees with Majors

In an effort to assist students with their long-term career plans, Valencia has created around 50 pre-majors.  These pre-major programs are designed for easy articulation into Florida's State University System. They also facilitate a student's academic progress through Valencia by providing a well-developed plan of action from semester to semester.

Benchmark Calling Campaigns

Enrollment Services Center staff make friendly "checkup" calls to 15-18 hour and 30-33 hour completers.  These calls are scripted to remind students of the resources available to help them succeed in their classes.  Students are also reminded of class schedule release dates and registration dates for the coming semester.

Career Center

Career Center services for students in Stage 3 include the opportunity for aptitude testing and career decision-making. Those students who have already taken the Student Success class may choose to check their Cyber Advisor plans to be sure they are aligned with current skills and training requirements for today's fast-paced job market. Students may also check current transfer requirements for their chosen University or College.


Florida Statutes and rules of the State Board of Education require students seeking an AA Degree and those who will be transferring to a state university with 60 or more credit hours to demonstrate proficiency in communication and computation.  Students are eligible for CLAST (College Level Academic Skills Test) after successfully completing 18 or more credit hours of college-level work, including Freshman Composition I and II and appropriate college-level Math courses.  Students who present a 2.5 GPA in either area will be able to apply for alternative satisfaction of the CLAST requirement.  Appropriate scores on SAT or ACT will also require the CLAST requirement.

Core Competencies

As students progress toward their degrees, they are given repeated opportunities to employ Valencia's Core Competencies -THINK, VALUE, COMMUNICATE, ACTThe goal of the college is to assist students to THINK clearly, critically, and creatively; to analyze, synthesize, integrate, and evaluate in many domains of human life; to make reasoned VALUE judgments and responsible commitments; to COMMUNICATE with different audiences using varied means, and to ACT purposefully, reflectively, and responsibly.

Cyber Portfolio

The Cyber Portfolio enables students to work with faculty and staff to document mastery of the Core Competencies: think, value, communicate, act.  The portfolio enables students to capture demonstrations of learning (via assignments, written work, art work, co-curricular activities) from specific courses and experiences  throughout their educational program.

Degree Audit/Session 2 Registration Letter

At the beginning of each Session, students receive a letter from the office of the Registrar including a current degree audit. The information they receive allows students to confirm their status, and choose wisely the classes they will take in the following session.

Ethnically Diverse Student Programs

The Coordinator for the Recruitment and Retention of Ethnically Diverse students has developed a number of strategies to specially assist these traditionally under-represented students. Letters are sent to all students at the beginning of the academic year to inform them about special services, collegewide workshops, and strategies for success. Career interest forms are included which students are invited to return. Follow-up with the students that return the interest cards includes academic warning interventions, congratulations on academic achievement, and invitation to special programs based on career interests.

Honors Program

Valencia's Honors Program provides the academically gifted and highly motivated student with an enriched program of course work and extra-curricular activities.  The program focuses on developing the student's critical thinking skills and helping the student become an independent learner.


A major premise of Valencia's educational model is that learning takes place in many different settings, both in and out of the classroom.  Through the Workplace Learning and Placement office, the college provides students with learning experiences that enable them to realize their full potential in work, education and everyday life.  Students have the opportunity to explore various career options, confirm career plans, apply classroom learning to real work situations, practice and strengthen interpersonal and technical skills, and develop industry contacts.

Leadership Development

The Student Development office sponsors the "Navigating Leadership" Program to foster the development of leadership skills.  Two of the most notable events are the annual Student Leadership Symposium and the Connections Workshop; these are opportunities for students from all campuses to explore leadership theories and practices and to interact with each other.

Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors are student workers who are recruited for one-year terms to work in the student services area.  They assist with front-office responsibilities, and become advisors in health and wellness issues, such as alcohol awareness, personal safety, safe sex, and general wellness practices.


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