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Calling Campaigns

The Enrollment Services Center conducts benchmark calls for students who have completed 45 or more credit hours, and those who have completed 60 or more credit hours but have not graduated.  A Graduation Check call is placed.

Career Center

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the services offered in the Career Centers.  They will find assistance in assessing their preparedness in the career field of their choice, and advice about how to approach the job market They can also research transfer decisions.

College Night

College Night is held each October.  It has a dual purpose - to allow high school students to investigate college opportunities, and to allow transferring Valencia students to talk to representatives from many colleges and universities around the country.  This year, we had over 170 representatives on hand to chat with our students about transfer requirements, housing, financial aid, and other relevant issues.

Cyber Portfolio

Throughout their tenure at Valencia, students are encouraged to create a portfolio that illustrates their skills and experiences.  Cyber Portfolio is an electronic version of the portfolio that can be displayed in a public area for potential employers to review.  As students near graduation, they can analyze the contents of their portfolio to determine the most relevant examples of mastery of each of Valencia's core competencies -Think, Value, Communicate, Act - at an advanced level in their academic programs.

Degree Audit Letters

Students receive a letter from the Registrar containing a Degree Audit.  They are encouraged to review the information, and to seek the assistance of an advisor if they have questions about their status.

Grad Track Co-Advisement Workshop

About 85% of our AA degree graduates continue their education at the University of Central Florida, which is conveniently located in Orlando.  In an effort to assist students in this important transition, we present Grad Track each November.  Invitations to the workshop are sent to all students who have 45 or more credit hours and have not graduated.  Students gain information about Graduation from Valencia, and transfer to University of Central Florida.  They have the opportunity to meet with other students who are transferring into the same program and a UCF advisor for that program.  They are assisted by Valencia advisors to register for remaining classes at Valencia.

Job Fairs

The Workplace Learning and Placement Office also arranges on-campus Job Fairs at which time students may meet employers who are actively recruiting.  They have the opportunity to ask questions about potential employers, and get a first-hand impression of the companies represented.

Job Search Skills Course

Valencia offers a 1-credit course in Job Search Skills.  Students learn to write resumes, compile portfolios, find leads, search the Internet, and utilize other skills in seeking employment.  They also have the opportunity to participate in mock interviews.

Placement Services

Through the Workplace Learning and Placement Office, students can connect with employers.  Students graduating with an AS degree may visit one of the Placement Services offices to take advantage of services which include assistance in setting up interviews, resume referral service, job interview resource materials.  Students may identify employment opportunities in their career fields throughout the online job bank called First Place.  They may also take advantage of the informational resource library on local businesses.


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