Graduation Transition Success Indicators

  • Review graduation requirements and confirm expected graduation date.
  • Complete an associate's degree without exceeding the required number of credit hours by more than 15%.
  • Apply for graduation by the appropriate deadline.
  • Prepare a plan for continuing education or employment after graduation from Valencia.
  • Complete the first step in career plan.
  • Write a resume that documents educational and workplace achievements and skills.
  • Review resume with Career Advisor or Counselor. 
  • Gather recommendation letters from staff, advisors, counselors and professors.
  • Communicate to others what you have learned and what you can do orally and in writing.
  • Maintain social connections made at Valencia with staff, students, advisors, counselors and professors for references and future opportunities.
  • Document changes (technological, practices, laws, budgets, etc.) that may occur between the Associate Degree and employment.